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'Dorasaani' event: Dr. Rajasekhar is proud of his daughter

Monday, July 8, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Dorasaani event: Dr. Rajasekhar is proud of his daughter

The pre-release event of 'Dorasaani' was held on Sunday evening. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Rajasekhar said that he is proud of his daughter, Shivathmika, the film's female lead.

"I have got to say so much about my daughter.  Right from the beginning, I have always taken my daughters to wherever I went.  After it started becoming a problem to do this, I decided to start a school on my own.  I did start a proper school!" he began his speech saying.

"Both Shivani and Shivathmika have been wanting to actors right from childhood.  It's not easy to be an actor in the film industry.  It involves so many challenges.  But every actor likes the journey.  Those whose career falls apart after some years go into depression.  I have seen many such people in the industry.  My only concern is that my daughters should stay strong always.  Luck also plays a role.  One has to have a Plan B?  I would have been a doctor had I failed in the film industry.  I will continue to compete with the likes of Vijay Deverakonda as well.  I have asked my younger daughter to complete medicine at her convenience.  To this day, I upgrade my knowledge of medicine," he said.  

"Mahendra is a superb director.  His next film could be with me.  I have always been close to Madhura Sreedhar garu, who is a smart producer.  I am confident that 'Dorasaani' will do well," he said.

"My two daughters are hardworking and self-taught.  They need your blessings.  As for Anand Deverakonda, he is a wonderful dancer.  You will know it one day.  Anand and Vijay never show-off.  They are natural.  I like it about them.  Just as I walked away with glory in 'Thalambralu' at the expense of Jeevitha, something similar will happen with 'Dorasaani'," Rajasekhar said.  

He complimented Vijay Deverakonda for speaking without stage fear.  "I have been an actor for 30 years but I still feel nervous while speaking in public," the senior actor said.  "There is no nepotism in my case.  Shivathmika has been on her own," Rajasekhar added.  

Shivani, the elder daughter of Rajsekhar, described Shivathmika as an innocent person.  "Although she is 4 years younger than me, she takes care of me like an elder sister.  We had to be away from her for 30 days during the Kodad schedule of 'Dorasaani'. This beautiful little girl has been trolled by haters, she has been body-shamed.  To all the haters, take it from me, she is going to blow your minds off when you see her performance on the silver screen," she added.

Shivathmika said, "Director Mahendra took the Shivathmika in me away from me and made me a new person for this film.  This film is like a musical drama only because of music director Prashanth Vihari sir.  I miss my Murali mama, who dreamt for me more than my parents.  We lost him in 2017.  He always used to encourage me, saying that I will be a terrific actress.  Wherever he is today, he must be watching me.  Mama, I have made it."

'Dorasaani' releases on July 12.

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