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Eeram Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, September 12, 2009 • Tamil ]
Eeram Review
S Pictures
Nandaa, Aadhi, Sindhu Menon, Chaya Singh

The producer in director Shankar is known for spotting the right talent. In `Eeram', he has brought out the filmmaker in his former-associate Arivazhagan. S Pictures, which has made a name for churning out movies on different genre, has dared to deliver an eerie thriller, which is a rarity in Tamil cinema.

Arivazhagan, quiet like his mentor, has come out with a movie that has gripping screenplay coupled with good use of technology. What starts as a crime thriller takes twists and turns to end up as a horror show.

The debutant director has been assisted by a young brigade of technicians and lesser known star cast. `Eeram' lives up to its theme- all is wet and watery in the film from the first frame till the last.

Making a seat-edge thriller on super-natural elements is no easy task. It has to be logical. The young filmmaker takes the responsibility on his shoulder and lives up to the reputation entrusted on him by his mentor.

The movie revolves around Ramya (Sindhu Menon). She is found dead in a bathtub at her posh apartment. Vasu (Aadhi), a top cop takes the responsibility of investigating the death. He suspects foul play in the incident.

He enquires Bala (Nandaa), Ramya's husband and several other neighbours. However, he is yet to make progress in the case. An interesting flashback reveals that Vasu and Ramya were lovers in Trichy.

They estrange after Ramya's father (Rajasekar) refuses for their marriage. Meanwhile, four murders take place in the apartment complex where Ramya lived. Vasu gets the shock of his life during the investigation. Revealing more on the story would take away the suspense element. Watch the movie to know what happened next.

Aadhi, who played a rustic youth in `Mirugam', plays a suave cop. With the image makeover, he fits the bill well. Reminding a blend of Suriya of `Kaakha Kaakha' and Vikram in `Sami', Aadhi promises a lot.

Sindhu Menon plays a timid wife. She lends credibility to her role with expressive eyes and neat portrayal. Nandaa, who hitherto played a romantic youth, dons a different role. He deserves appreciation for taking the guts to do it.

The rest of the cast including actor-director Srinath, Saranya Mohan and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan have performed well. The young music composer Thaman (introduced as an actor in Shankar's `Boys'), has come up with soul-stirring music. Visual effects are the USP in the film and it manages to create an element of suspense among the audience.

The scene-stealer however is cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa, who does his lens do all the talking. He has captured the whole movie on a different colour tone as water finds a place in almost all the sequences, quiet appropriate to the title.

Arivazhagan seems to have begun a journey which would go long and long. However, the second-half seems to be a bit draggy needing immediate chopping of few scenes. Shankar has once again proved that all hopes are not lost in Tamil cinema. Cheers to `Eeram' team.

Eeram - Spine-chilling

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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