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Eight-Shani Preview

Eight-Shani Peview
United Dreams Entertainment And Dreamtown Production
Meghna Naidu, Gulshan Grover, Raju Kher, Ashwini Chopra, Vastavikta
Karan Razdan
Lucky Kohli
Daboo Malik


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Karan Razdan is turning out to be one of those rare directors who believe in coming up with different subjects for each of their films. Otherwise how could one explain that the director who made films like 'Hawas' and 'Girlfriend' a few years back could also make films on elders [Umar], another woman [Souten] and supernatural [Eight - Shani] in quick succession. Though none of his recent releases have done much at the box office, the director may be hoping that the power of supernatural gets him an elusive box office success.

There have been stories about ghosts and spirits in the past, mostly being courtesy Ram Gopal Verma [Bhoot, Darna Mana Hai, Vaastushastra, Darna Zaroori Hai] but there is no precedence of any recent film being made on 'shani', which is feared most, at least in the Hindu tradition. 'Eight-Shani' is one such thriller that talks about the power of 'shani' and how it creates havoc in a family settled in Britain.

Lead protagonist of the film is newcomer Raj who lives along with his brother Suraj and sister-in-law Radha. It could just have been one ideal small'n'happy family but there was something that prevented it from being so. And all because of a unique power possessed by Raj!

He had the powers to see the souls and the spirits. A spiritualist, he had a compass as his companion which never failed to guide him in case of presence of anything that was supernatural.

While for Raj this was a passion, for Suraj this was just a waste of time and effort as he himself didn't believe in the supernatural. On the other hand Radha favored her brother-in-law and liked him for what he was!

But one ghastly night changed it all!

It turned out to be a torrid time for the family as the ghosts targeted their house. They made their presence felt everywhere and as soon as Raj detected this, he tried to fight them out of his house. A battle begins between Raj and the ghosts that leads to a widespread destruction and disturbance in the household. Suraj, who has never believed in Raj, is quite disturbed about the chain of events and doesn't want his younger brother to stay any more with his family.

But Raj was adamant to save his family. In this mission of his, he is helped by his friend Sadhvi who shares the same beliefs as him. As the two start doing 'tantrik pooja' together, the mystery deepens as the figure of 'eight' appears on Sadhvi's back! And that too written in BLOOD! 

Now that's the clue that Raj was looking for as Sadhvi tells him that the sign stood for SHANI [SATURN] and it was the sole cause of disturbance in his household! As Raj decides to get into the depth of this mystery, the attacks continue at Suraj's household. Clueless about the reason behind these events, Suraj has no option but to look at his younger brother for the rescue.

Raj, Suraj and Radha soon move out from the house to a countryside farmhouse and while everyone believes that they are out of danger, 'Shani' has different plans for them!

Because soon everyone realizes that 'Shani' is there at their new place too!! Why is that so? What has the family done wrong to have upset 'shani'? Are there any hidden skeletons in someone's closet? Is there a deep rooted secret buried somewhere?

Also starring Meghna Naidu, Gushan Grover and Padmini Kolhapure in the lead, the film also marks the debut of Vastavikta, daughter of legendary Raj Kumar. 'Eight-Shani' is expected to hit the screens this Friday.