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Ek Se Badhkar Ek Preview

Ek Se Badhkar Ek Peview
Suniel Shetty, Raveena Tandon, Shekhar Suman, Shakti Kapoor, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Makarand Deshpande
Kundan Shah

Ek Se Badhkar Ek

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Kundan Shah returns back with this riot comedy. With music by Anand Raj Anand this is also the return of Shekhar Suman in Bollywood.
A gardener's son, Suniel Shetty, inherits a windfall of 400 crores of rupees! His lawyer, Shekhar Suman, commits a blunder by inadverantly inserting a term in the will by which Suniel Shetty must prove himself to be the biggest don in the world of criminals.
Thus begins a saga of misadventures wherein the two attempt to achieve their goal. Their first attempt is at robbing a bank and sure enough they end mucking it up and how!!
Raveena Tandon is a bumbling police officer and her ambition is to catch the biggest don in the city, to prove herself to be a worthy daughter of her illustrious father, Suniel Shetty turns out to be her new neighbor! He wants to become a don and she wants to catch a don! After their initial skirmishes, they both team up to help each other-she will get him an entry into the criminal world and he must help her by providing information of the underworld to enable her to put hem behind the bars. They also make a pact that their relationship will be purely professional with no place for romance whatsoever.
This suits Shekhar Suman fine as he falls in love at first sight with Raveena Tandon. The three of them attempt their first mission together to overcome a local don, Dekka, who turns out to be a very formidable obstacle. In the process Raveena Tandon starts getting attracted to Suniel Shetty which leads to comic attempts of Shekhar Suman to stop this budding romance between them.
At police station, Raveena Tandon stumbles across a clue leading to the biggest don, Jindal, hiding under a disguise in her locality. She decides to make use of duo of Suniel Shetty and Shekhar Suman to achieve her goal. They are, incidentally, involved in the plot of kidnapping a very famous nuclear scientist Krishnamurthy.
Jindal is also plotting to kidnap the same scientist and hand him to the ISI for a very handsome amount, which he keeps on increasing. Also involved in this kidnapping attempt is Isha Koppikar (Tracy) who works for a secret organization. The security provided to the scientist Krishnamurthy is so heavy and tight that he himself wishes that he is kidnapped!
During this operation everyone is trying to kidnap everyone. Suniel Shetty gets attracted to Isha Koppikar who makes use of him to successfully kidnap the scientist. Suniel kidnaps Jindal thinking he is the scientist.
The ISI is desperate to get hold of this scientist and decided to enter into negotiations with Isha Koppikar. The deal is to take place in a Frontier Palace Hotel on Rajasthan border where all other parties also land up in very recognizable disguises. The climax at this hotel gets more and more complicated as each one has brought the look alike of the scientists whom they decide to switch with the real one at an appropriate moment. All the three look alike of the scientist get mixed up and the confusion reaches utmost when it is difficult to know which is the real scientist. In this frenzied comedy of errors, Isha and Shekhar Suman discover they love each other and so also Raveena and Suniel.
The boys not only get their beaus but also succeed in getting their 400 crores!