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Ekadanta Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, March 17, 2007 • Kannada ]
Ekadanta Review
Dr.Vishnuvardhana, Ramesh Aravind, Prema, Ramesh Bhat, Mandya Ramesh, Mimicry Dayanand, Monica, Guest appearance Gurukiran and Sachin
Sriram, Kumar and Gopi

This is the real moving cinema - 'Chalana Chitra'. The film inside the bus in a gripping and cautious style is narrated by famous Marathi and Hindi actor cum writer Sachin in his debut Kannada direction. He has picked his own novel 'Chala Na Gade'. Besides the hilarious presentation of the film Sachin has shown the right attitude. He knows the pulse of the audience, he has picked the right artists and made 'Ekadantha' that is a very good family entertainer.

Like the omnipresent lord Ganesha comedy subject is also similar. The people come to theatre to forget their worries and get entertainment. This is exactly what happens when you get into watch 'Ekadantha'. This is a wholesome entertainer packed with good comedy, sentiment, songs, performances and photography.

Vakky (Ramesh Aravind) and Bhakthi (Prema) are middle class married couple. Vakky is a painter and Bhakthi is employed as telephone operator. Bhakthi wants a child but Vakky is not interested because since six years of his marriage he wants to first settle down. He is not able to meet the additional expenses with new addition in the family. This is the typical middle class style! The aunt of Bhakthi reminds that the religious vow of the family has not been fulfilled and that is the reason for lack of progress in life for her. Vakky's father had forgotten to bring his son nude and offer prayer after the birth. Now this has to be done for fruitful life says the aunt. So what Bhakthi should do? She has to convince her husband Vakky for nude worship to Lord Ganesha at Ganapathipura. This is impossible says Vakky. The continuous quarrel with his wife Bhakthi makes Vakky to think on an alternative. He stitches a plot that says the naked idol of Vakky taken around the temple premises would solve the pending vow.

Accordingly Vakky's idol is prepared and it is brought in the bus from Mysore to Ganapathipura very secretly. The passengers traveling in this bus are of different nature and their belief is that the prayer offered to Ganapathipura Ganesha would solve all their problems. The conductor of this bus is Vijay ( Dr.Vishnuvardhana) and the driver is Mallayya (Ramesh Bhat). Each one in the bus Vakky and Bhakthi are traveling have a different story. Managing varied thoughts and styles of commuters is hectic for Vijay while it is piquant situation for Vakky as his idol is below the last seat of the same bus. It is a prestige question for him. In the middle of journey one more passenger adds to this bus and at this time we get to hear Diamond Danny with Rs.80 crores worth of diamond is traveling in this bus. As the bus reaches Ganapathipura it is tension ridden time. Diamond Danny hides the diamond in the idol brought by Vakky and Bhakthi. At Ganapathipura Vakky runs away with the idol. He is followed by goons to get hold of the diamonds. What happens later, how Vakky offers the nude worship what he gets in return at the end is interesting part.

In this film all the artistes have given good performance. For Dr.Vishnuvardhana it is a cake walk. He is the conductor in the film. This is different kind of role for him. Ramesh and Prema make the perfect couple. Dayanand, Monica, Ramesh Bhat, Kaminidharan, Mandya Ramesh have given very good support.

Gurukiran has given three pleasant tunes. Hogona Hogona., title song and Bandal Badayi Madheva., are worth hearing. The item song could have been avoided and a song on Karnataka to match the 50 years of Karnataka would have been the right approach. The emotional scene at the dancer's place could have been placed in a different style.

The cinematography in this kind of film is a challenge. Placing the camera inside the moving bus and making it more pleasant to eyes is very well handled by PKH Das.

This is a film worth watching. Don't miss. This is a laughter chal

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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