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Emaindi Ee Vela Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 13, 2010 • Telugu ]
Emaindi Ee Vela Review
Sree Satya Sai Arts
Varun Sandesh, Shashank, Nisha Agarwal, Nisha Sha, 'Vennela' Kishore, MS Narayana, Krishna Bhagawan, Jhansi, Pragathi and others
Sampath Nandi
Kesanapalli Radhamohan
Yemaindi Eevela

These days the producers are coming forward to produce a film with a view to earn more profits. Commercialisation has become the main motto for any filmmaker. Even the audiences and fans are eagerly looking how their hero is creating records in collecting highest revenue. But Radhamohan proved that there are producers who had a different taste and came forward to produce a film which is very near to nativity and with a memorable and good message to the present generation youth, who were spoiling their lives in the name of love, love marriage, breakage of marriage and other such issues. Especially the way the story was narrated by Sampath Nandi is quite novel and impressive.


There are two couples. One is Seenu (Varun Sandesh) and Avantika (Nisha Agarwal) and another pair is Yuva (Sashank) and Nimisha (Nisha Shah). It is a surprise that Seenu and Avantika meet the other persons, Nimisha and Yuva. They reveal to them that they were already married and got separated from each other. Seenu narrates to Nimisha, how he fell in love with Avantika and the sequence of events that led to their intimate friendship and pre-marital sex between them and his proposal for marriage to Avantika, his marriage against the wishes of the elders from both families and the silly reason on which they got a difference of opinion which led to a serious discussion by blaming each other and pointing out the loopholes of each other and ultimately their break of marriage. The narration is in such a way that the same was repeated by Avantika to Yuva, as she doesn't want to hide anything about her past to him. Though both Yuva and Nimisha had first agreed to marry Avantika and Seenu despite knowing the fact that they were already married, they just could not digest the truth that they had already shared their bed with someone. At the exact time of marriage, both of them open up saying that they can't share life with each other as the other one had still has the memories of their partners of their earlier life. What next? As their alliance did not take place what happened to them? Did Niimisha and Seenu remain unmarried? Did they realise their mistake and unite? Answers have to be seen on the screen.

What is good in the film

Varun Sandesh improved his performance and acting capabilities. He emoted well in many scenes especially in the form of expressions and body language. He gained lots of experience from his earlier films and improved a lot from the days of `Happy Days'. Nisha Agarwal, though a debutant, also proved that she could perform well. She would definitely shine as an actress and give a tough competition to the heroines now as she had enough capabilities to perform and also ready for working in hot scenes as well. After a long time, Vennela Kishore got a fair chance to tickle the funny bone of audiences and evoked laughs in the theatre in every possible opportunity. Among others Pragati character is worth mentioning. The director gave a perfect message to the present generation youth about the mindset of the parents and while teaching a lesson to a girl and make her realise her mistake. Jhansi once again played a good role as the aunt of the heroine. The storyline is very near to nativity. Director Sampath Nandi should be commended for portraying the present generation's mindset and how the girls and boys are getting attracted to each other while staying away from their parents. At the same time, he made the youth realise their follies by getting separated for petty reasons. Some of the dialogues made the audiences to rethink and understand how the youth are spoiling their lives. Chakri's music is also okay.

What is bad in the movie

Though the movie's narration is good, the director's idea to explain it in a realistic way is a little embarrassing. It sends a wrong signal to the youth that all the girls who were staying away from parents are becoming a spoilt broth and they get attracted towards pre- marital sex. It is improper to corner only the girls that they are turning to the boyfriends and is moving freely with them. Likewise, the film begins with two couples meeting each other knowing fully well that they were divorced and separated. It is wrong to say that they can't digest the fact that they can't accept the other because they shared the bed already as it is understood that a legally separated couple should have spent their lives with other sex and unable to digest it is wrong. Though Sashank and Nisha Sha played the other couple, they had no role to play in the film except to listen to the story narrated by Varun Sandesh and Nisha Agarwal.


Watch the film if you are really interested to know the lifestyle of the present generation youth and how they are falling into the other's attraction and the matured minds in having sexual relationships and others. Especially the message that was given to the audiences is worth mentioning. The commercial success of the film is doubtful, but surely the audiences would get a feel of watching a nice and near to nativity movie.

Released on: 13th November, 2010

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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