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Tenant Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 19, 2024 • Telugu ]
Tenant Review
Mahateja Creations
Satyam Rajesh, Megha Chowdhary,Aadukalam Naren,Ester Naronha,Chandana Payyavula,Bharat Kanth
Y. Yugandhar
Mogulla Chandrashekhar Reddy
Sahityya Sagar

Tenant Movie Review

Tenant delves into the intimate world of a young couple whose love is tested by unforeseen and devastating circumstances. As their seemingly perfect life crumbles around them, they are forced to confront a heart-wrenching decision that will forever alter their destiny.


Gautam (Satyam Rajesh) finds himself trapped in a nightmare when he is accused of the unthinkable: murdering his beloved wife, Sandhya (Megha Chowdhary). As ACP Shraddha Hegde (Ester Nornah) delves into the investigation, she uncovers a web of shocking secrets that entangles Rishi (Bharath Kanth) and Sravani (Chandana Payyavula) in the mystery. What dark truths lie hidden beneath the surface of their seemingly ordinary lives? The pursuit of answers leads down a twisted path, where loyalty, betrayal, and hidden motives blur the lines between victim and perpetrator.

Tenant Movie Review


Satyam Rajesh delivers a sincere performance as a devoted husband, effectively portraying the raw pain and desperation of a man fighting to protect his wife. His emotional range shines in moments of vulnerability and anger, but the limited scope of his character arc prevents him from fully showcasing his talent. Megha Chowdhary embodies innocence and vulnerability as Sandhya, while Ester Nornah brings a calm authority to her role as the investigating officer. Bharath Kanth and Chandana Payyavula provide convincing supporting performances, adding depth to the film's complex web of relationships.

While "Tenant" sets out to be a gripping crime thriller, the story ultimately falls short of its potential. The promised twists and turns fail to materialize, leaving the audience with a predictable and somewhat lethargic plot. The initial intrigue gives way to a repetitive narrative structure and a slow pace that tests the viewer's patience. Despite the film's short duration, the lack of impactful emotional scenes and the inclusion of forced, illogical elements make it feel longer than it is.

Tenant Movie Review

Jemin Jom Ayyaneth's cinematography is a strong point, capturing the raw emotions and tense atmosphere with realistic visuals. Sahittya Sagar's background score effectively complements the mood of the film, drawing viewers deeper into the story. However, the editing by Vijay Mukthavarapu leaves much to be desired, with noticeable drags and repetitive sequences that disrupt the flow of the narrative.

The film's conclusion leaves several loose ends and raises questions about the filmmakers' intentions regarding the portrayal of women's safety and the effectiveness of law enforcement. The underdeveloped character arcs and the unresolved conflicts leave a sense of dissatisfaction, failing to provide a clear message or a satisfying resolution to the central themes.

Tenant Movie Review


Despite the initial hype, Satyam Rajesh's Tenant ultimately disappoints by leaving crucial questions unanswered and failing to delve deeper into the complex issue of women's safety within a flawed system. The film's exploration of this burning problem feels superficial and lacks the necessary nuance and intrigue to truly engage the audience.

Rating: 1 / 5.0

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