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Fair and Lovely Music Review

Fair and Lovely Music Review
Jade Plant
Premkumar, Shwetha Srivatsav, Nakshatra Anu Prabhakar, Neethu, Rajendra Krishna, Yethiraj and others.
Shilpa Ramesh Ramani
V Harikrishna
Not Fair But Lovely
Saturday, July 19, 2014 • Kannada Comments

The six songs (one is repeated) audio album of 'Fair and Lovely' is not just like the title but beyond it because of V Harikrishna prominence to melody in all the songs. One after the other in the album of ‘Fair and Lovely’ just released in the market is soothing to the ears. The lyricist’s wordings are so well measured and makes one feel comfortable from song to song.

Ringagide Nannede Phonu rangagide madali enu… Uttarisala Summanirala….very melodious song in the opening – it is explaining his heart feelings…Murida Chandira Tundu, Masada Bombe, Nanna Chinnada ganiyu Neenu…. This is the height of expression of love. Sonu Nigam has rendered it very beautifully. Lyricist AP Arjun is written with experience it seems.

1. Ringagide..

Lyrics – AP Arjun, Singer – Sonu Nigam, Music Direction – V Harikrishna

Maaya Maaya Maaya Mayamma Buddi Maaya Nidde Maaya…is another peppy cum casually sung song by Santosh Venki for Kaviraj Lyrics. Everything is found and ‘Maaya’ after I saw you the lover is telling to his girl friend.

2. Maay Maaya..

Lyrics – Kaviraj, Singer – Santosh Venki – Music Direction – V Harikrishna

Third song of the album ‘Fair and Lovely’ – Anirikshita…life alli… Bagavantha Kodthane chancu Ree Navella customers Ree - all about unexpected things in life, life is fair and lovely. Once again a song for the youths is mixed with good words and youths would easily carry it.

3. Anireekshita

Lyrics – Rekha Mohan, Singer – Ranjith, Music Direction – V Harikrishna

Haage Ondu….Mathu Heluve Vichara Madabedave….manasu thumbi priti maduve…sung by Sonu Nigam….another melody in the album. The male protagonist telling the female in the film is the situation. Vishesha Neene Nanna Balali…..Vidaya Helu onti Balige… is also suggesting to accept the love.  Pravasi Naa Prema Doorige….are well selected words from music director of the film V Harikrishna as lyricist.

4. Haage Ondu..

Lyrics – V Harikrishna, Singer – Sonu Nigam, Music – V Harkrishna

Fifth song of the film E Kaanada Kannige Kanada Belaku Manasu Anthare….Manasu Mathi Keli Badkonu Manushya anthare… somewhat philosophical in its lines. V Harikrishna has delivered this song. Pritiginta taayi illa Nitigintha Tande Illa Nambadene Devarilla….comparison of lyricist Anandapriya is admirable.

5. E Kaanadha..

Lyrics – Ananda Priya, Singer – V Harikrishna, Music – V Harikrishna

Haage Ondu…..The last song of this album is a duet and lyrics of fourth song are repeated with singers Vijaya Raghavendra and Vijaya Shanker. The prominent actor of Kannada cinema Vijaya Raghavnedra and new singer Vijaya Shanker attempted very well in this duet.

6. Haage Ondu..

Lyrics – V Harikrishna, Singer –Vijaya Raghavendra and Vijaya Shanker Music – V Harkrishna.

'Fair and Lovely' by Jade Plant Shilpa Ramesh Ramani audio was released in the midst of public by director Raghuram recently. Key actors of the film lovely star Premkumar and Shwetha Srivatsav took part in free distribution of CD of the film. D Beats of music director V Harikrishna has brought this audio album to the market.