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Film Star Preview

Film Star Peview
Mahima Chaudhry, Priyanshu Chaterjee, Vasundhra Das and Aryan Vaid.
Tanuja Chandra
Sahara and Mahesh Bhatt

Film Star

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Hira Pandit (Mahima Chaudhury) is an actress who is nothing if not full of herself. Arrogant and thriving on only one thing - people adoring her unabashedly, and without stopping, just loving her! So naturally when this adoration stars to wane, she can't take it. Her vanity can't bear the fact that her popularity is slipping, that she's not getting nominated for awards, that her films simply aren't working like they used to. And at this fragile juncture of her life she runs into Digambar (Priyanshu Chatterjee), an old friend, whom she used to lovingly call Digs.

Somewhere along the way, their lives had traveled down different paths. He's a drunkard, an ex-lawyer now very much out of work, who makes a living, singing in a cheap bar. He's counted the days and months and year since they last met but on this night when they accidentally meet he makes the one mistake that he shouldn't have...he criticizes Hira. He tells her that  she needs to reinvent herself, do new work, and be less predictable on screen.This sends her into a tizzy, but it also sends her towards events that change her life forever.

Hira finds herself the bona-fide drama, a real-life one, one that will surely take her back to the top! It's the story of a loving, traditional wife, the murder of her husband, a father-in-law who heads a non-political but powerful organization and the secrets that lie behind the closed doors of his "bhavan". A volatile world, which she enters purely to exploit for her own ends - is also the one that soon takes over her whole life. She begins to get attached to the women whose juicy story she had wanted just for film. She begins to see the strength in her lawyer friend whom she had merely considered a failure till now.

As celluloid clashes with reality, it changes her forever. An inmate's (Vasundhara Das) past with her husband (Aryan Vaid) becomes the present of this actress and threatens to destroy her future. The actress, the drunk, the widow, the violent party-head...these lives get enmeshed with each other as Hira struggles to become successful not just in the movies, but also in life. And this isn't easy she finds she realizes...that much more than films.