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Ganda Hendathi Music Review

Ganda Hendathi Music Review
Thilak ,Vishal Hegde, Manju Bashini, Chanchali,Ravi Belegere
Ravi Srivatsa
Shailendra Babu
Ganja effect
Thursday, June 15, 2006 • Kannada Comments

There is ganja effect in this audio album. Two of the songs in the album sung by Kunal Ganjawala has that reeling effect what you get after consuming ganja. The tunes of course are copied from the 'Murder' Hindi film but the erotic scenes of lip locking between Sanjana and Thilak in one of the songs Nidhiregu Raja.., is perhaps for the first time in Kannada cinema such daring scene are captured on screen.

The chances of audio success in the market after the release of the film 'Ganda Hendathi' is very promising because of the visual seduction tactics adopted by director Ravi Srivatsa.

Oho Nasheyo nannake notavella..., written by Manohar and sung by music director is at the height of the voice of Gurukiran.

The song Mathu Muridhe Mathadadhe .., sung by Kunal Ganjawala written by Manohar melody is good. The importance of the woman has come out well in the lyrics.

Nidhiregu Raja Novella Vaja thanu thanuvinallu Majaonde Nija .. By Hrudayashiva - This would definitely leave every pair of lover look at this song with curiosity. The singing and romanticism is at its peak.

Don't let me do but I don't know how to do, by Hrudayashiva sung by Kunal Ganjawala and chorus singers is a typical pop song shot in the den set. The yesteryears tune from the film Singapuradalli Raja Kulla bit is lifted in this song. This song is sung by female singer but the credit is given to Kunal Ganjawala in the CD inlay card.

The repetition song Mathu Muridhe..., is sung by M.D.Pallavi is very melodious among all the songs in the album.

'Ganda Hendathi and a boy friend' made at a cost of Rs.3 crores by Shailendra Babu is shot for 25 days in Hongkong. Venu and Mathew Rajan are the cameramen.

Sanjana, baby Sanchali, Vishal Hegde, Thilak, Ravi Belegere, Mnaju Bashini are in the lead roles of this film.


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