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Girish Taurani - Salman & Hrithik are my favourites.
Monday, July 15, 2013 • Hindi Comments

Girish Taurani - Salman & Hrithik are my favourites.

In Bollywood every other year a celebrity kid is launched.. And the next such person is Girish Kumar, the son of Tips owner Kumar Turani who will be seen romancing with Shruti Haasan. IndiaGlitz had little chat with Girish about his debut journey.

Acting was your first choice?

Acting was my first choice.

Did you ever think you will debut with Prabhudheva film?

We never expected anything it just happened in life. I wanted someone who is good with dancing to launch me because I used to feel they will present me in a good way. It just happened things fell in place.

There is a trend of remakes?

All the films which are doing well the stories are good. In my film there is no action, it’s a family romantic film which has not come from a long time. I am hoping people will like it. Film presenting Indian culture is coming after a long time.

Have you seen the Telugu film?

Yes but before we had brought the rights. Then once I finished the shooting I saw it again.

Your looks are very much similar to Saif Ali Khan?

Whenever a newcomer is launched people tend to relate him with someone. Many a times when a new comer is launched they have some similarity to established actors. It is normal. Audience will try to connect you with this which is a positive thing. Once they seen the film they will realize he is different and has his own individuality.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a producer’s son?

Advantages are that you have an opportunity disadvantage is that there is an added pressure on you. You have an opportunity that the advantage.

How was working with Shruti Haasan?

The feedback says our chemistry is good and looking great together. Shruti is very patient and great co-star.

Lot of producer’s son being launched?

Hrithik Roshan is producer’s son, Aamir is producer’s son. Whoever has the talent will survive. If audience like your work you will survive. Shah Rukh doesn’t have any backup and he did so well he is still doing very well. People will say and they will never be bothered what struggle I put in. But I believe in that if you put your hardwork people will notice. Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan they also came from filmy background. We don’t look at their beginning but we appreciate their work so that is what I am hoping.

Being a producer son do you think that your journey is easy?

It is not easy. Every actor’s journey is different. Though I got the opportunity still I have to prove myself. At the end it is a business. I have given it everything. He might have seen something in me

Whom do you idolize from the industry?

Personally Salman and Hrithik are my favourites.

Launch under your own banner?

Opportunity I got from my house. Ultimately audience will decide whether I was worth this opportunity. My work matters. People should not overlook that why to see where have he come from focus on my work.

This is Prabhu’s remake from Telugu?

This is Prabhu sir’s own film; this was his debut as a director which was made in Telugu. Before Prabhu sir signed I had seen this film 4 years back.

Are you somewhere involved in Production of the film?

I am not involved with the production of the film because Prabhu wanted me not to be part of this film. He wanted me to enjoy the acting and focus on that. Being producer’s son there is one advantage that you understand the economics of the industry. I have better understanding of it and how things work. I have left the production on my dad.

In future are you planning to get into production?

Production not on cards right now only acting.

What sort of preparation you did for the role?

Prabhu Sir took my test acting scenes we did, dance scenes. When he felt I can pull of the role he said yes it’s a loud character so I went through training. Yes there is a shot of bare body so I had to be fit.

Will you ever do Sex comedy?

If the economics work out and if nobody are in loss and the film is entertaining then I will do it.

Are you achieving for 100 cr ball game?

Big actors achieve that I am new my bench mark is I want audience to enjoy the film and nobody in loss. It made in a budget.

Will you do bold subjects in future?

If there is some demand and shoot it aesthetically I will.