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GirlFriend Preview

GirlFriend Peview
Ashish Choudhry, Isha Kopikar, Amrita Arora
Karan Razdan
Daboo Malik


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

The director's penchant for shock treatment takes a new turn with the film as he explores the forbidden territory of same sex attraction.
Tanya(Isha Koppikar) and Sapna (Amrita Arora) are two friends, together since college, living together and enjoying life.
Having had a difficult childhood, Tanya is possessive of her friend. Both are into male bashing. Whatever Tanya does, Sapna follows.
Once when Tanya is out of town on official work, Sapna meets Rahul (Ashish Choudhary). Rahul pursues Sapna. By the time Tanya is back, Sapna is in love. When Tanya learns about this, she reacts strongly.
Her jealousy and possessiveness comes out at meeting Rahul. From Isha's side, it is obvious that it is more than just a platonic relationship.
She is simply so crazy about Sapna. And that also to the extent that she goes all out to wreck Sapna's relationship with Rahul. There are hidden desires in Tanya. Wild desires, which lead her to clash with Rahul in a fight to the wild finish.