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Goal Music Review

Goal Music Review
Neelagiri productions
Rahman, Sam, Nithu, Mary Lukko, Maria, Mukesh, Jenny Jasmine, Ambika Mohan, Salim Kumar.
Kalavoor Ravikumar
Not Vidyasagar's best
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, May 19, 2007 • മലയാളം] Comments

Vidyasagar shot to stardom with his best works in Malayalam. A Kamal presentation in Malayalam, he has become very confident over the years and his music is the proof as he is equally good in  creating both melody and mass numbers. He can adapt himself pretty well to the situation. He is back after a couple of years to Malluwood,  creating one for his mentor in Malluwood. With the  latest film Goal he definitely shows why he is very important among the modern crop of music directors. At the same time, these are not of his best.

1. Dona Madonna

Singer: George Peter

Lyrics: Gireesh Puthencheery

Vidyasaagar  opens the album in his trembling pitch with the lackluster   donna madonna. Frantic thumping  and pumped up  vocals  fails to infuse life in the jaded  song. The drum-heavy percussion is lively, but does  drown the lyrics.

The nasal-centric  George Peter , wields the microphone for this one , confusing dull for mellow, delivering the tune with equal dispassion. Even though the  song has its moments and is heavily orchestrated, the unclear  accent of the vocals keeps the song a let down.

2. Enthanaanante

Singers: Shwetha, Devaanand

Lyrics: Vayalar Sharath

This is the best song of the album which is a love duet. Vayalar Sharath's enchanting spilling poetic vignettes   coupled with a minimalist arrangement adds to the appeal of the song.  Shwetha has tried for saucy vocals which provide a perfect foil over  Devaanand's animated boyishness. The song is sure to be in the charts for long.

3. Manam Thelijha

 Singer: Jyotsna, Vineeth Sreenivasan

Lyrics: Vayalar sharath

This is another song which show the music directors strength in creating tunes with a rustic simplicity. And they get the right backing from Vineeth Srinivasan and Jyotsna who gives the number, the right tonal amplifications. And what emerges in the final analysis is a quiet melody

4. O, Mariya

Singers: Sangeeth, Job, Mridhula, Ajay and Nithish

Lyrics: Gireesh Puthencherry

This is  a party song  which brings together  the stars of the Amritha channels Superstar  program which became immensely popular . The lyrics are a try to imitate the styles of recent Tamil songs which takes in their lyrics all wonderful things and persons like Picasso, Eiffel tower and pizza tower. The song is youth centric with hip hop beats. The song could be a potential winner.

5. Goal 

Singer: George Peter

This is the better of the two songs in the album by Goerge Peter. The song set in western orchestrations, has peppy beats and is a pleasant affair to hear. The rhythm get pacy in the end, and the transition is pleasing.

What is rest in the album is a title track created by Vidhyasagar, matching the mood of the film. The songs for Goal have not came up  to the expectations that it has raised. But clearly it also has some welcome tracks, too. More a campus based, funny album, this  is delectable fare, targeting today's youth. More of the songs have western arrangements. Even though some of the songs may climb up the chats, definitely this is not Vidyasagar's best.