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Guru Sishyan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, May 8, 2010 • Tamil ]
Guru Sishyan Review
Sundar C, Sathyaraj, Hemamalini
Shakthi Chidambaram
Radha Shakthi Chidambaram

Director Sakthi Chidambaram is synonymous to comedy films as his past flicks are loaded with humour which always found favour with front-benchers. The earthy fun in his films have been his signature style.

'Guru Sishyan', inspired by the title of a yesteryear flick starring Rajinikanth, brings together veteran war horse Sathyaraj with director-turned-hero Sundar C at the helm of affairs.

Sakthi Chidambaram has opted for the routine route as he brings in glamour in the form of Shruthi Prakash (Hema Malini) and Santhanam to bring the roof down in laughter in the company of Sathyaraj and Sundar.

A simple storyline laced with commercial elements (in the form of glamour and action) is what Sakthi Chidambaram has opted for in 'Guru Sishyan'. Seemingly aimed to satisfy a target audience, Sakthi fairly succeeds in his attempt.

The movie is set in Rajapalayam, where Guru Moorthy (Sathyaraj), referred as 'Kaalu' is a bigwig. A money-lender by profession, Guru is a rich and influential man in the town.

Enters Eeeti (Sundar C). He is an individual with a never care never mind attitude. He is always behind money and is ready to do anything for the currency. He meets Guru and gets close to him. They become buddies. Now comes Mahalakshmi (Saranya). Guru is against her and ensures that her peace of mind is shattered every time.

Cut to past, it is revealed that Guru and Mahalakshmi were happily married and split due to some problems over a suicide in their family. Events take a turn, when Eeeti reveals that he is the younger brother of Mahalakshmi. It leads to interesting events that lead to the reunion of the estranged couple.

Sathyaraj, who has essayed similar roles in few of his recent films, does his act well, while Sundar C chips in his with his best. Santhanam has no greater screen space while Hema Malini does the job of oozing glamour appearing in skimpy costumes now and then singing romantic duets.

Saranya in the company of Sathyaraj too evoke humour. Dheena's racy musical score with funny lyrics in a couple of songs are interesting. More a spoof, the film has comical one-liners that would go down well with the so called C centre audience.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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