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Gurudeva Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, April 2, 2005 • தமிழ் ]
Gurudeva Review
Jai Akash, Pranathi, Nasser, Illavarasu, Riyaz Khan, Dhamu and Muthukalai
Sabesh and Murali

Jay Akash in the last six months had signed a rash of movies. Amidst them, Guru Deva is the first to grace theatres.

The movie is all about a young girl falling in love with a local dadha reminding one much of few earlier ventures like Pudhiya Pathai, Amarkalam and Gemini.

Jay Akash plays a local dadha who with his decent looks and personality looks a total mismatch to the character, while Pranathi with average looks and a mediocre performance fails to render justice to her role.

It's up to veteran Nasser, who shoulders the responsibility of adding weight to movie by making his presence felt now and then with a subtle performance. There's again a group around the hero comprising Dhamu  and Co, who appears now and then talking all their way through.

Music by Deva's brother Sabesh-Murali has loads of gaana quite typical to their style.

Director Jaffer seems to have taken up an old story and tried to give a new colour to it. Unfortunately with none of the characters ringing true or realistic, he seems to be fighting a lost battle all through.

The movie begins with Guru (a local dadha), involved in all katta panchayats, getting to the rescue of a Brahmin priest. Guru manages to marry off the Brahmin priest's daughter with a manager of a private firm who had ditched her after an affair with her.

Guru's kind heart wins her the admiration of Deva (Pranathi), a spectator to all these events. They meet quite often then and finally Deva falls in love with Guru.

Guru, who lives with his caretaker Mari (Nasser), a dadha himself once,  decides to express his love to Deva. When he urges her to marry him, she comes out saying about her past.

She informs Guru that a lawyer Shyam Sundar (Vijayakumar) is a guardian to her property following her parent's death and has been threatening her to marry his son Bharath (Riyaz Khan), who is in jail serving a sentence. Guru promises to solve all troubles and reaches Shyam Sundar's house where a mere push by Guru results in the lawyer's death.

Guru eventually lands in prison and undergoes three years of imprisonment.

Following a quick turn of events, Deva inherits the huge property and throws a bombshell at Guru while visiting him one-day in the prison. She informs Guru that he would be a mismatch for her as she is a rich woman and can only marry a rich guy. The rest is all about Guru coming out of prison running behind her to prove his true love for her.

In between there's Bharath's entry and his bid to take revenge on Guru for his father's death. All's well that ends well.

An outdated story line with no life in narration proves a stumbling block for Gurudeva.

Jay Akash, otherwise known for playing romantic hero so far has tried his hand in vain playing an action-packed role.

Madhi's cinematography adds grace to the movie. Otherwise, Gurudeva is old wine in old bottle.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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