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Hey Jude Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 3, 2018 • മലയാളം ]
Hey Jude Review
Ambalakkara Global Films
Nivin Pauly, Trisha
Anil Ambalakkara
Gopi Sundar, Rahul Raj, M. Jayachandran, Ouseppachan

Nivin is back to where he belongs after beefing up his body as a tough henchman for his Kollwood solo - Richie, he is back for Hey Jude in a character role which he relishes more. Hey Jude also marks the entry for Trisha, who has been waiting more than a decade to enter Mollywood. The 150 minute film marks the journey of a special person, who in the view of others is considered odd, different as it can get. The journey is blended with care by the director even though dragging it may be, the wholesome product is not bad at all.

Shyamprasad puts on a feel good hat as he directs a film that doesn't go low at any point of time, without lame humor or taking pothole shots at the lead characters the journey of a man to self-realization is captured picturesquely. Nivin is Jude, a youngster suffers from Asperger syndrome, he battles the syndrome and the world around him within himself. The story itself tries to free itself from stereotypes in society as family, friends and rest acquainting with Jude, but when you make a film based on someone with autism or any other special syndrome it gets pretty challenging. Shyamprasad has done his level best in keeping the film free from judging the characters that is Hey Jude's first success. Jude hails from an Anglo Indian family, his father Dominic is quite skeptical about Jude, he does not mind about his son's issues and thinks very low of his son. Jude on other hand has his time table sketched out, he does not like any one meddling with. His taste is considered weird by his own family yet he refuses to budge. The sudden death of a rich relative in Goa who also happens to write away a surprising will after his death changes the course of events.

The narration relies mostly on light hearted conversations from the lead cast, that little dose of comic sense prevails a relief. As the story settles down at Goa, Jude gets to meet his neighbor Crystal (Trisha) after that how Jude gets to know himself in this complicated society forms the rest of the plot. While the plot takes its time to establish the characters all along, the patience is worth the wait as the director gives more and more cream to their roleplay. Trisha is fresh and doesn't look like an outsider to Mollywood, as a part of a band she befriends Nivin and explains him the need to belong to the society no matter how it treats you. It certainly is one of her best roles as the talented actress spends solid screen time with Nivin even though the entire story revolves around the character of Jude.

Hey Jude relies heavily on characterization although it,s simply done, the plot's predictability lets down the movie's wholesome work. The cast apart from Nivin, Trisha – Vijay Menon, Siddhique, Neena Kurup have done their roles with honesty, that much is pretty visible. Beautiful landscapes of Goa and some interesting songs too play in favor of the movie. The end note when realization kicks in not just for Jude but the rest too is rather made in hurry, considering the length of the movie it could have been done with on a more convincing note.

Hey Jude is a feel good movie with powerful performances from Nivin and Trisha. While Nivin is contrastingly different as a clumsy yet brilliant youngster Trisha is a fun loving girl who knows where her responsibilities lie that makes her more powerful in Hey Jude.

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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