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Ho Sakta Hai Preview

Ho Sakta Hai Peview
Victor Banerjee, Khalid, Mukesh Tiwari, Mohini, Dharmik
Wilson Louis
Ashok Kotwani

Ho Sakta Hai

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Pick up any national newspaper and invariably you will find news about animal/human sacrifice, witches and practice of black magic, especially in the heartland of India. Howsoever hard one may find to believe, the fact remains that there are still many who are firm believers in black magic and voodoo.

Is this a reality or a superstition?
Is this a fact or a fiction?
Kya aisa "ho sakta hai"?

There may not be right or wrong answers to these centuries old questions but producer Ashok K. Kotwani and director Wilson Louis aim at telling one such shocking story set in an Indian village where it got established that black magic did exist!

Somewhere in the heartland of India [Khetwadi], Dadaji [Victor Banerjee] lived a content life with his grandson, daughter in law and great-grandson Tanya [Dharmik]. Protective about his family, he just wanted a simple life for everyone in spite of the fact that he was wealthy in his own right.

But soon a tragedy strikes as eyes of evil start staring at the happiness of his family. What really happened? Whose were these evil eyes? What did they want?

Mohan, Dadaji's second grandson, gets a call to urgently return back to India. He is a medical student at American Institute of Medical Studies, US and on realizing the urgency of the situation rushes back home. In his journey back home in his village, he also has a chance encounter with a saint Kushaba [Mukesh Tiwari] who has a unique ability to tell the layout of any individual's house by merely looking at the face!

Meanwhile Mohan reaches home and is shocked to hear the fact that his brother and sister-in-law have gone missing. To make matters worse, Tanya has been possessed by unknown forces and is now en route to destruction of everyone around!

The person behind this terrible situation? Parvati [Mohini], Dadaji's neighbor.

Her motive? To acquire Dadaji's wealth.
Her modus operandi? To cast a spell on the house by means of black magic.
Her means to do that? An adolescent boy, Tanya, whom she uses against his own family.

For an educated man like Mohan who was studying medicine himself, it may have been initially difficult to believe that such a practice indeed existed. But the situation around forced him to start understanding and accepting the alternative force. A force that was causing trouble for his entire family.

And now there was only one man who could save the family from the destruction that was staring at the family - Mohan himself.

He picks up the fight and now wants to give it back to the evil eyes of Parvati. Will he succeed? Or would Parvati's power and knowledge of black magic create mayhem all over? What does Dadaji do? And does Tanya ever come out of this evil spell?

Boasting of more than 30 minutes of special effects, it is also in news for its digitally created nude sequence that is requirement of the script. 'Ho Sakta Hai' is a debut film of director Wilson Louis who has been handling the SFX division for Ketan Mehta's company and has around 30 feature films in SFX to his credit. After getting immense recognition worldwide in the film festival screenings during last one year, 'Ho Sakta Hai' is coming to Indian screens this Friday.