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Holiday Music Review

Holiday Music Review
Dino Morea, Gulsan Grover, Nauheed Cyrusi, Kashmera Shah
Pooja Bhatt
Sujit Kumar Singh, Pooja Bhatt
Ranjit Barot
Nothing Bollywood about it!
Thursday, November 17, 2005 • Hindi Comments

UNUSUAL - That's the best way to describe the musical score of 'Holiday' by composer Ranjit Barot. Even last year there came a music score that could be considered 'unusual' - Naach - but was on a borderline of being abstract that didn't really gel well with the Indian audience. In this regard 'Holiday' works because it captivates you thoroughly after you have heard the entire album a few times. After 'Paap', Pooja Bhatt handles the reins of a director once again for 'Holiday' that stars Dino Morea, debutant Onjolee Nair, Gulshan Grover, Kashmira Shah and Nauheed Cyrusi. An urban movie set in Goa, let's hear the album to know more about the songs of 'Holiday' that are written by Neelesh Misra [who also wrote a few songs for 'Jism'] and Mehboob.

1) Khwahishon Se [Singers: Kunal Ganjawala, Shreya Ghoshal, Lyrics : Neelesh Misra]

Now that's what one calls a beautiful beginning of an album. A great fusion of western and Indian classical theme, 'Khwahishon Mein' has numerous shades to it and is extremely soothing on air. One can already feel the cool breeze on the beaches of Goa while hearing this poetic track. Both Kunal Ganjawala and Shreya Ghoshal go all out to create an atmosphere of love and togetherness that is the basic essence of this song. No unnecessary props, no unwanted interruptions - just plain simple harmless melody!

2) Neele Neele [Singers : Shreya Ghoshal, Vijay Prakash, Lyrics : Neelesh Misra]

Youthful ear friendly chorus begins 'Neele Neele' that follows the same path treaded by 'Khwahishon Mein'. A light song with the kind of lyrics that come from Javed Akhtar school of writing, it has Vijay Prakash coming behind the mike to join Shreya Ghoshal. More than the beginning of the track, it is the portions later on that are more fun! Still, if one has to choose between Khwahoshon Mein and Neele Neele, one would choose the former.

3) Aashiyan [Singers : Ranjit Barot, Shreya Ghoshal, Lyrics : Mehboob]

One knows Bhatt's fascination with Pakistani music! So what if Pooja Bhatt hasn't roped in Pakistani artists for 'Holiday', she still gets a song with a similar style and feel from our very own Ranjit Barot in 'Aashiyan'. Right form the pitch of the track to the lyrics to the overall music arrangement, 'Aashiyaan' gives a sense of Pakistani pop. And does it work? Definitely! Hear it once and you would be hooked. For a change Shreya Ghoshal is overshadowed by some other singer with Ranjit himself taking charge of the song most of the times. DJ Nasha composes the remix version of the track but thankfully keeps the added on effects to the bare minimum hence making the track enjoyable second time over.

4) Tu Hai Bhatakta Jugnu Koyi [Singer : Shreya Ghoshal, Lyrics : Neelesh Misra]

Soft romantic English lyrics begin 'Tu Hai Bhatakta Jugnu Koyi' where Shreya hits back with a solo. A passionate number in the style of 'Jaadu Hai Nasha' or a 'Chalo Tumko Leke Chaloon' from 'Jism', it is not of the kind that you would hum around the town [due to its unconventional lyrics] but would love to have it play in dim lights over the night.

5) Move With My Body [Singer : Dominique Cerejo, Lyrics : Neelesh Misra]

Don't get deceived by believing that 'Move With My Body' is an English song as it has a balanced mix of both English and Hindi lyrics. Dominique Cerejo, who has starting making her presence felt in the English songs circles [especially in today's time when demand for such songs has increased], after being in the industry for quite some time does a good job. If 'Tu Hai Bhatakta' was a passionate number with a subtle effect, 'Move With My Body' is more 'on your face' in the way is it presented. A westernized number throughout, it should have loads of style and attitude in its picturisation.