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I See U Music Review

I See U Music Review
Chasing Ganesha Films
Arjun Rampal,Vipasha Agarwal Boman IraniChunky PandeySonali Kulkarni
Vivek Agrawal
Mehr Jessia-Rampal
No Jhankar Beats This
Monday, December 18, 2006 • Hindi Comments

Vishal-Shekhar has delivered some gems like Jhankar Beats and Bluffmaster.  But off late they've been not so prolific with their standards. When you start listening to this Arjun Rampal's production I See You, the first number Subah Subah has a fun-feel to it. Sach Hui is another song that is immensely likable. But then Kehna Hai Jo and Halo Halo lack the captivity quotient. Out of the two remixes by DJ Whosane, Subah Subah Remix is a waste while Halo Halo Remix shall make kids happy this new year's party. Alas, not a single song can come remotely close to their super hit number Right Here Right Now or any of the songs from Jhankar Beats. I don't think I See You is worth your money. The only thing that really stays in your mind is the ethereal face of debutante Vipasha (the lead opposite Arjun Rampal) on the CD cover. She is amazingly pretty, simple, with a pair of eyes that envelope a calm sea comfortably ensconced. She deserved better songs I guess..   

The acoustic guitar instills a flurry of excitement as Zubeen ushers in a morning of delight as Subah Subah serenades charmingly. It's not a number where you search for anything other than lighthearted entertainment. And you aren't gonna be disappointed. I'm shakin my leg while I'm writing this and enjoying every moment of it. Simple groovy rhythm, rhythm guitaring, interesting fillers, a live-whistle-melody, energetic singing by Zubeen and funky chorus by Vishal and Shekhar makes for a song that makes you smile! Vishal Shekhar have not gone overboard with the Latin influence and stuck to the simple melody line and the results are just fine.

Subah Subah Remix by DJ Whosane is a perfect example of murdering a good song softly by showing off and overproducing. Too many sound effects, jarring fillers and ghostly sounds confuses completely as to what's the idea behind such a remix as this. It's not really a club mix that will make you feel like hitting the dance floor with a vengeance, nor does it give you a scope of enjoying something surreal. The only moments that you feel like having a good time are the fast paced portions in the middle. But as a whole, it's the case of overcooking a good meal.

Kehna Hai Jo finds Vishal-Shekhar going techno. Loads of jarring keyboard generated techno fillers spoils the feel-good melody of the song. Most of the sounds you hear in this song are kind of outdated as they've been overused in all the `Macarena' and `Barbie Girl' songs of the world. Shekhar's voice is pleasant but the song as a whole is a mixed bag. For at one end you like the melody of the song but the weird music arrangements makes the song unbearable at times. This one's no chartbuster dude..

Sach Hui takes you back to the simple melody lane. Once again. It's heartening to hear Sunidhi Chauhan singing in the lower octave. Thankfully the minimalistic music arrangements make you savour the song. It's as if in the night of illusions a fairy shimmering in beauty walks towards you. There's no one around. Except tempestuous warmth. And a sense of belonging. Against all odds. Just close your eyes and embrace the magic of soft romance with that ethereal smile. And say it all without saying anything. The sound of Chinese melody generated through the keyboard is the highlight of this song. Play it again number.    

Halo Halo is a high energy number that is a fun ride for most part. There's an interesting rhythm progression that takes the song forward in style. Sunidhi Chauhan is in her joyous element while Sukhwinder Singhs holds his own in his typical manner. But what's this `Halo Halo'.Such a corny hook line.Couldn't they have opted f