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Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi Music Review

Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi Music Review
S Pictures
Vadivelu, Tejasree, Monica, Nadhitha, Nasser, Nagesh, Sriman, Manorama
Director Shankar
Sabesh - Murali
Ring old, ring new
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, May 17, 2006 • தமிழ்] Comments

Imsai Arasan has the rare distinction of being the only historical movie in Tamil with humour at its core. Hence the debutant director seems to have taken great care in choosing the right set music director, singers and the lyricist.

The movie being produced by director Shankar on behalf of his S Films features Vadivelu. A laugh-riot, music holds the key in such films.

Music director Sabesh Murali have an onerous task of finding the right tunes to fit the story.

Binny Krishnakumar, T L  Maharajan, Krishnaraj and Swarnalatha have done their part well.  Pulamai Pithan, who penned songs for MGR and Sivaji, is back for Imsai.

Aah Adi Va (Manicka Vinayakam, Binny Krishnakumar, Saindhavi, Kovai Kamala and Vadivelu)

Kovai Kamala, re-creating the golden voice of K B Sundarambal begins the song with her typical open-throated approach. Sabesh-Murali then ring in the 50s-60s era through some inspired instrumentation. The soothing jathi and swaram in between, and the gaggle of voices all add to the listening pleasure.

Pootiya Sirayinai (Thippu)

Seemingly a mass song, it begins in the form of opera and goes on to stick to a rhythm.  The sound of horse galloping throughout   the song is a special attraction. Lyrics by Pulamai Pithan, a veteran for over five decades, takes us back to the MGR and Sivaji days.

Panju Methai Kaniyae (Krishnaraj, Swarnalatha)

Krishnaraj is back after a long gap to take off from where he had left. With a strong rural lilt and tilt, the song has tablas and dholaks used to the maximum, uplifting it to a fluffy high. Sabesh  Murali seem to have taken pains in getting those musical instruments  used in historical movies before. Swarnalatha deserves a special mention for her blazing style of singing.

Aasai Kanniye (Naresh Iyer, Kalyani)

A soft number which takes us back to those golden days of P B Sreenivas and A M Raja. Pleasant music and soft romantic lyrics  accompanied by Naresh Iyer's voice resembling that of P B Sreenivas, it is yesterday once more for us.

Vanam Namakul (T L Maharajan)

Back after a long gap is T L Maharajan. A tailor-made voice for such songs, Maharajan is in his elements in this heavy number. It is a song that arouses patriotism and vigour among youths. Obviously Pulamai Pithan's lyrics do the magic. It is a mix of contemporary western and the traditional Indian music.

All credit to Sabesh Murali for coming out with a different stuff.