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Jaana Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, October 7, 2006 • Hindi ]
Jaana Review
Rehan Khan, Anjana Sukhani, Rajesh Khanna , Zeenat Aman
Shahrukh Mirza

Either you should never have been a superstar. Or you should quit acting for good. That's exactly what I wish to tell Rajesh Khanna. It's an insult to see you making a fool out of yourself in inane love stories doing nothing but playing fourth or fifth fiddle in a story that is implausible and totally detached from sense-n-sensibility. Shahrukh Mirza's `Jaana-Let's Fall In Love' is a wasted attempt at launching his son Rehan Khan. Though this New-Khan-On-The-Block impresses for stray moments, it'll take him ages before he can make any dent in the progressive changes happening in the movie world.   

Now, gear up for a mushy story in the scenic Nainital with its dirty lake and salubrious hills. You must have seen all the trick-in-the-trade for pataoing a girl. But you can do it all over again. Raju (Rehan) is the local stud while Madhu (Anjana Sukhani) is the proverbial rich lass preferring one-day-boyfriends for company. Twist in the tale..Madhu has cancer and Raju makes her fall for his non-existent charms so that he could savour her dollars once she is gone. Some QSQT rain dance numbers later, he realizes he is actually falling for her. Amit ji style soliloquy-confession later, Madhu's Dad (Rajeev Verma) finds out that his daughter can be cured.

Pronto, Madhu is back on her heels..No, she doesn't need no chemotherapy for her cancer..No..She doesn't have to shed those lovely auburn hair either that a cancer patient has to let go. It's a romantic movie of course..How can you show the heroine's true state..There's another twist in the tale that made me feel like tearing off whatever little hair I have been left with.Well.Can't tell you that twist for it will spoil the fun.Oops.There's no fun in this one.But anyways.there's something called as professional ethics. Can't tell you the climax guys.Anyway you aren't missing out anything outstanding.

Rehan Khan is a confident actor who should try his hands with a few multi starrers before he can even remotely thinking of creating an identity as a solo hero. I liked Anjana Sukhani. Not merely because she is a pretty girl. But I am sure, if she plays her cards well, she has a future in Bollywood for she is much better than the dime-a-dozen aspiring starlets. Rajesh Khanna looks demented and the only good thing he does is sing his own timeless classic numbers. Zeenat Aman as Rehan's screen mother looks lost.

`Jaana-Let's Fall In Love' is a waste of a movie that is made slightly better by the decent chemistry between the lead pair and some hummable numbers by a plethora of music composers. You can safely give this one a miss.


Star Rating: *1/2

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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