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Jaane Hoga Kya Preview

Jaane Hoga Kya Peview
P K Arts Creations
Aftab Shivdasani, Bipasha Basu, Preeti Jhangiani, Rahul Dev, Paresh Rawal, Tinu Anand, Maria Goretti
Alok Shrivastava
Sajid-Wajid, Nikhil-Vinay

Jaane Hoga Kya

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

India - A country of 100 crores. Imagine if it becomes 200 crores in a matter of seconds. What would happen?

Chaos. Mayhem. Confusion. And all hell may break loose! What would happen then? Jaane Hoga Kya?

This is the pretext on which 'Jaane Hoga Kya', the debut venture of director duo Glenn-Ankush, is based with the film's plot revolving around human cloning.

Cloning - a concept that has intrigued scientists and commoners for years now. Ethics, nature of law, right v/s wrong - just abut every factor comes into discussion whenever one mentions the world cloning. Though it is a world known fact that animal cloning is indeed a possibility with technology evolving at a rapid face, the world is yet to see human least officially. But the protagonist of the film makes it possible and presents to the world a story about the formation of a clone and what impact does it have on the society.

The lead protagonist of the film is a young scientist Siddharth Sardesai [Aftab Shivdasani] who has just one passion in his life - to produce a human clone! He understands the implications, both right as well as wrong, of cloning actually turning into a reality but his strong resolve makes him confident that he would be able to do the impossible and use the final result for the benefit of this society.

Little did he know that when he would turn successful, this very experiment would spell doom for his own self!

Nevertheless, in his continued experiments at Indian Medical Research Center, he works towards his goal and just when he is near to realizing his dream, he gets a crude shock! He is informed by his senior and guru Dr. Krishnan [Paresh Rawal] that he would be denied a go-ahead since there were numerous complications involved with such an experiment. There is also a cop Rathod [Rahul Dev] who is against such a step and soon Siddharth finds himself deprived of going an extra distance.

Now the only person who could help him gain what he had set out for was his girlfriend Aditi [Bipasha Basu] who was always his pillar of support. So what if he could not go ahead with his experiment in his lab at Indian Medical Research Center? She could arrange for an alternate arrangement with the help of her multi-millionaire industrialist father Mr. Chopra [Tinu Anand] who could finance his entire program.

Soon begins a new endeavor for Siddharth where he rebuilds the entire initiative in a discreet lab and comes close to realizing his dream by turning cloning into a reality. His first victory? Cloning of a rat! Meanwhile news reaches Rathod about Siddharth's new whereabouts and he is on his trail once again.

In a race against time, Siddharth is left with no option but to clone himself. And once this happens, the world was never just the same again. Literally! And this was not just for Siddharth but for the entire mankind.

Powerful, invincible, undefeatable, unreasonable - this is how one could describe Siddharth's clone. He goes on a rampage and starts creating chaos and mayhem all around. His first victim is a night club dancer [Maria Goretti] while Siddharth is the one who actually bears the brunt of his undoing. No one is actually willing to believe the clone theory and start accusing Siddharth of all the crimes that his clone did and vanished in quick time from the scene of crime!

While Siddharth is put behind the bars, his clone starts getting a sadist pleasure in harming everyone and anyone who was known to Siddharth. Another victim of his is Suchitra [Preeti Jhangiani], Dr. Krishnan's daughter whom he fools into his live and makes her pregnant. Then in order to access the cloning report, he ends up killing Dr. Krishnan himself. The person who is blamed for all of this? Dr. Siddharth