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Jackie Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, October 14, 2010 • Kannada ]
Jackie Review
Poornima Enterprises
Puneeth Rajakumar, Bhavana, Rangayana Raghu, Ravi Kale, Sampath, Shobaraj, Umesh
Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar
V Harikrishna

Puneeth Rajkumar, the super power star of Kannada cinema, the power in him continues. `Jackie' is a package of fabulous action, dance and dialogue delivery in this film is very close to the heart. In the technical department too, `Jackie' is much higher in the scale.

There are some new elements tried out in `Jackie' that is new to the Dr Rajkumar family's production and technical superiority, the film gives a fine placement for awards. For Puneeth Rajkumar the awards should come from various places for performing a tough role with agility. The people of high class society also lap up this `Jackie' for grandeur and dexterous screenplay.

The pukka family entertainer elements with magnificent songs and exceedingly good cinematography, the technical knowledge poured profusely in to this cinema makes it a treat to watch.

The biggest one from Poornima Enterprises, the producers, is an impeccable cinema because of the narration and very lively performances. The glory in songs, the accuracy in screenplay, and crispness in editing, capturing the natural places and remaining very near to the masses, director Soori once again shows what kind of films fit in the box office.

Jackie (Puneeth Rajakumar) is a jovial youngster and he takes up real estate job to achieve dream of owning Rs.1 lakh one day to clear of all his debts. The hot headed guy is cool in his outlook. Jackie's intervention in the love affair of an Archak's daughter Yashoda (who calls Jackie as brother) brings him a responsibility. That is when Yashoda runs away with a blind girl of the village and her lover who runs a photo studio.

The Archak blames Jackie and begs his mother to trace out his daughter so that his prestige is in tact. Jackie promises his mother (played by Sumithramma - not dubbed her voice) and is on a hunt. By this time his friend also reaches the villages and he has escaped in the middle of his punishment. The constable chasing this culprit is run over by a vehicle creates all sorts of problems. Jackie friend is shot down by the police and from here Jackie escapes to the dense forest. In the forest he finds the innocent Lakshmi (Bhavana) is brought to kill her as a sacrifice. Jackie attacks the superstitious believers and he runs away to a far off place escaping the eyes of the local police. Jackie and Lakshmi get to know each other by this time but Lakshmi goes missing in the journey when Jackie is asleep. The vehicle of Jackie moves and the link of his lover is cut yet joins when Jackie is in Bangalore limits. Jackie is very apprehensive about police by this time and he happens to get a place to sleep atop a police station. Constable Bheemanna (Rangayana Raghu) slowly knows Jacike is a good at heart when the blind girl of Jackie village is traced dead.

Jackie goes on doing good job and police take the credit for it. Jackie faces Julie (Petrol Prasanna) who has clue about Mithai Rama (Ravi Kaale). The dreaded Mithai Rama is transporting young girls in suspicious ways to abroad and Jackie is confident Yashoda is living here only. Jackie establishes contact with Mithai Rama and saves him from the police clutches. He earns the goodwill but it is hard to put down Mithai Rama. Instead of Jackie putting down Jackie himself is buried in an unidentified place. That is time for climax and release of innocent girls and police entry. The fear in Jackie with the police department now goes away.

Power star Puneeth is really the super power star. The speed of Puneeth, the strong dose of action at regular intervals to get the audience feel completely happy and the songs with peppy lines and unusual style of singing gives a complete supper to the audience.

It is double the paisa vasool cinema. The costumes selected for Puneeth Rajakumar, choreography and technical aspects are high in standards and the films so far of Puneeth Rajakumar did not had so much of strength in all areas of a film.

It is true that the songs are the invitation to any commercial cinema. With Jackie songs Yakka Raja Rani..Shiva Antha Hoguttide and Yadavattaithu..all of them in the similar tempo and modulation in singing is the first big earner of audience for this film. The lovely cinematography in which every shot looks like a painting is glorious treat to the eyes.

Satya Hegde's cinematography has shown the entire film with natural and artificial feel. When the surroundings of Jackie and others are shown it is very natural to the eyes. There is great contribution from art director. In the songs Puneeth's electrifying dancing ability is also mesmerizing. Yogaraj Bhat's lyric writing that's suitable to the masses has given a good gift to his best friend director Soori.

Bhavana has the cool feel when she comes on the screen and her portions are worth watching again. Ravi Kale, Sudhakar, Rangayana Raghu are exceptionally good in their portion. Shobaraj's cool handling of a cop job is also different in this film.

Action directors Ravi Verma and Different Danny gets full credit for marvelous stunts that are handled by Puneeth Rajkumar by himself without any dupes. Four action portions are spine chilling.

It is a fabulous entertainer for the masses. Sure to be another feather in the cap of master of commercial films, super power star Puneeth Rajkumar.

Scoring 9/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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