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Jai Santoshi Maa Preview

Jai Santoshi Maa Peview
Sahara One and Percept Picture Company
Nusharat Bharucha, Rakesh Bapat
Ahmed Siddiqui
Anu Malik

Jai Santoshi Maa

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

When all doors close down, when all options get over and when everything seems to be a distance away. whom does one turn to? GOD!

'Jai Santoshi Maa' narrates the tale of a woman whose ardent faith in Goddess Santoshi Maa helped her fight the biggest of battles and face the mightiest of challenges. In the face of adversities, what worked for this woman was her belief in herself and her willpower that there would be a day when Maa would lend a helping hand and change the course of her life.

She was Mahima [Nusharat Bharucha], a girl who wanted to live life to the fullest and keep herself and everyone around her happy! But does the world she lives in thinks the same? Or is it a selfish world that worried of one's own needs and cared least about others?

Though Mahima can see around her that the world is not as ideal as she would have preferred it to be, she at least makes an attempt to put an effort of her own. This is what she does when gives her husband Anuraag [Rakesh Bapat] a complete and heartfelt support in his quest to a successful musician.

Since the two married against the wishes of Anuraag's parents, it wasn't a smooth path laid out for them. Moreover Anuraag wasn't able to really carve a niche for himself and was getting frustrated with each passing day. In such circumstances, it was only Mahima's trust in her 'Maa' that kept them moving ahead with an expectation of a better future ahead.

Tired of failure and rejection, Anuraag decided to branch out to a new place and search for a career in music. He proposed Mahima to join him but as a dutiful daughter-in-law, she decided to stay with her in-laws and serve them with all her heart.

But wasn't she aware that the world in her mind was not the same that was in front of her eyes?

Her in-laws were least concerned about her well being and were self centered enough to just think about their own benefits. They mistreated her, ridiculed her and taunted her throughout to make her life miserable. She had nowhere to go and still she believed that there would be a day when things would improve and change for better.

All because of the strength that came in her from her devotion towards 'maa'!

She begins keeping the `solah-shukrawar vrats' and prays for the well being of her entirely family and success for Anuraag. With her body, heart and soul truly and selflessly devoted to 'maa', her prayers are answered as 'maa' gives her 'darshan' and blesses her with what all she had asked for.

Mahima's life changes for better and above all Anuraag too becomes successful in his career. Her in-laws are made to realize their follies while the entire world comes to know that if there is 'sachcha vishwaas' and 'sachchi shraddha', the God would come to you even in today's times.

Directed by Ahmed Siddiqui, 'Jai Santoshi Maa' is the remake of namesake 70s superhit and comes from the banner of Sahara One and Percept Picture Company. With music by Anu Malik, the film releases all over on September 22, 2006.