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Jayammana Maga Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 16, 2013 • Kannada ]
Jayammana Maga Review
Vijay Pictures-Duniya Talkies
Vijay, DR Bharathi, Kalyani, Anil, Ne La Narendra Babu, Muni, Nagaraj Kote, Rangayana Raghu and others.
Smt Narayanamma and Smt Manjula Ramesh
Arjun Janya


It is a vociferous film with witchcraft taking the center stage. Jayamanna Maga is a `Masth Entertainer' for its high voltage, grade of narration and touching upon both superstition and disbeliever in God.

A major section of the society is either this side or that side in the issue of belief in God. Only when the pinch experienced the war is made against trouble shooters. Acquiring the super power for demolition of devil is what we have seen in several films. The same happens in this film but on a different note.

It is not a female goddess `Navashakthi' but male protagonist dons `Shakthi Devathe' to uproot the devil forces. This portion in the film is very stunning and it runs around 20 minutes in a song. Debutant director Vikas making a cautious film to appeal to the majority of cinema goers is appreciable. The technical aspects and ground work for this film is well done. The cameraman, music director, background score and of course protagonist Vijay doing a fine job lift the film.

A rough guy in the village Naga (Vijay) son of Jayamma is living with three others eking out a cheating business. It is removal of ghost effect on persons who come with different state of mind. When Divya (Dr Bharathi) comes here for a week long prayer it is love at first sight for Naga. The main trouble shooter at the locality is Rakthaksha acquiring the power of evil forces is peerless. His intention is to release his father tucked in a doll. For that he has to sacrifice a spinster that is Divya. It is a strong battle that also has a flashback of `Jayamma' who was once severely tortured with her husband.

Divya and Jayamma (Kalyani) are taken to the custody by Rakthaksha by foul methods. It is now Naga to scale up in power. In the den of Rakthaksha the battle begins when `Nine Goddesses' (Nava Shakthi) power is incorporated by Naga. He appears as `Shakthi Devathe' to destabilize the power Rakthaksha. In a lengthy song with all Daiva Shakthi followers on one side in a huge platform the climax happens as expected.

It is a terrific performance from action hero Vijay. The somersaults he makes, 360 degree crescent kick he makes are mind blowing to watch on the silver screen. He has added full power required for the role. The emotional attachment with mother character has also come out good.

Kalyani as Jayamma is very good, Anil as devil force is quite OK. Nagaraj Kote, Nela Narendra Babu are convincing. Dr Bharathi making debut as heroine is having ability. She will be an asset to Kannada cinema industry.

Arjun Janya climax song is on top of all the songs. Two songs with title name in it are well tuned. The rawness is not missing in the songs that are most essential for the backdrop of the film.

It is a nice preparation sumptuous in commercial format of films.

Score 7.5/10 



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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