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Jo Dooba So Paar Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, October 15, 2011 • Hindi ]
Jo Dooba So Paar Review
Anand Entertainment,Andaaz Productions
Vinay Pathak,Anand Tiwari,Rajat Kapoor,Sadia Siddiqui,Pitobash Tripathy,Dadhi Raj,Uttam Haldar,Purav Bhandare,Sita Ragione Spada,Vivek Setia,Prem Prakash Asthana,Alexx O'Neil,
Praveen Kumar (2)
Manish J. Tipu

What is it all about?

The full name of the movie is 'Jo Doob Gaya So Paar... Its Love In Bihar'; long name but a short story of love which came from a sweet little intent coming from a cute little idea which could have gone places. But alas, the short sightedness of the maker Praveen Kumar results in the viewer asking themselves - Where was the love and was it in Bihar?

Well, that must be the reason why the Bihari actor Vinay Pathak got glued to the local desi liquor in the film (may not be able to digest the amateurism). Just by speaking in a Bihari dialect one can't feel the land of Gautam Buddha in the film. Rajat Kapoor couldn't come out from his urban ways even after being posted in the interiors of Bihar.

'Jo Dooba...' is a waste and a sad place holder of a movie - be it commercial or arty... Seems like a TV serial setting getting an underserved big screen promotion.

The Story

The story is about Keshu played by Anand Tiwari who has a very bad past of bunking exams and because of such activities he is terminated from his school. He starts helping his father on the truck.

Keshu sees a lot of violence and corruption and negotiates with it in his own way. He does not possess any remarkable talents. In spite of this he falls in love with Sapna (Sita Ragione Spada) a very pretty American girl who he considers as his 'Dream Girl'. Sapna has come to Bihar to research on the Madhubani paintings. As part of her research she has to come across some very risky areas.

Although Keshu knows the facts about Sapna's protective rich upper class uncle, the social gap and the sensitiveness of his own father he decides to go against all odds and find out What is Love? With the help of his friends and just when everything seems going the right way, Sapna's boyfriend (Alexx O'Neil) arrives from America and then to make it even worse Sapna is kidnapped.

Who has kidnapped her and why still remains unanswered but Keshu realizes that "In love, the stream flows backward-the one who stakes all and loses is the winner."

What to look out for?

Good question... Vinay Pathak does his act well. The Bihari dialect is passable. The whole movie has one uplifting scene when Keshu interprets the concept of Durga and Shiva from the Madhubani paintings to the firang. Rest the movie moves in no man lands.

Technicalities are sound, production values are first rate.

Anand Tiwari and Sita Ragione Spada are strictly okay. The guys playing Keshu's buddies are passable.

What not?

The concept was cute and could have gone places if a clever thinking maker has exploited the Bihar exotica with the south American/European romance feel, giving the movie a distinct international edge and wheels to go places.

Praveen Kumar spoils everything due to lack of vision, insight and a proper script.

Conclusion: 'Jo Dooba...' is a decent idea gone horribly wrong. Watch it at your own risk.

Still it gets 2 stars one for a successful release and other is shared between Vinay Pathak and the one single moment between Keshu and Sapna.

Rating **

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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