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Star Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 10, 2024 • Hindi ]
Star Review
Kavin, Lal, Aaditi Pohankar, Preity Mukhundhan, Geetha Kailasam
B.V.S.N Prasad, Sreenidhi Sagar
Yuvan Shankar Raja

Star Review - Shines Bright with  solid writing and performances

Director Elan who made a solid debut with the super hit romcom 'Pyaar Prema Kadhal' has joined hands with promising young star Kavin for the much hyped 'Star'.  Will the talented duo manage to get the applause from their targeted audience.

'Star' opens in 1989 with a doting father Lal dressing his little son Kalai as Mahakavi Bharathiar but the famous moustache goes missing.  The father then tells his son that if he manages to enthrall the audience with his performance the audience will not notice the missing mush.  Cut to a decade later Kalai (Kavin) is a college student whose obsessive passion is acting and spends more time in the offices of filmmakers than the campus.  He also finds love in the form of fellow student Meera (Preity Mukhundhan) who is also supportive of his ambitions.   He goes to Mumbai and endears several hardships to learn his craft.   Just when Kalai is on the verge of realising his dream a tragic accident totally destroys his life.  Will the mentally and physically scarred Kalai waste his life away or overcome the insurmountable hurdles to achieve his dream is what the rest of the screenplay is about.

If 'Dada' heralded the arrival of Kavin as a solid performer, 'Star' has showcased his range as a star material. The former 'Bigg Boss' contestant has excelled in the various shades his character demands namely passionate artiste who faces several rejections and setbacks, loving son, romantic lover and failed husband.   The long, emotional single shot performance in the climax makes the audience totally root for Kavin.  Aaditi Pohankar as Surabhi finds her way to the viewers heart right from the first time she appears on screen.   She is the perfect foil for Kavin switching from mischievous smile to tearing up in tragedy.  Her character not only fuels the second half but also helps in making the climax the roller coaster it turns out to be.  Preity Mukhundhan is equally effective as Meera the college sweetheart of Kalai.  She is so real in her portrayal of the girl next door that her leaving the hero at his lowest moment seems justifiable.  Lal has arguably given his best performance in a Tamil film appearing in the crucial role of Kalai's dad.  His best scene is when he tells his son how Sivaji Ganesan spoiled his life and he has done the same to him.  It is yet another meaty role for Geetha Kailasam who as usual has lived the role of the close to life mother.  The rest of the cast provide apt support.

What works best in 'Star' apart from the excellent performances is that the inspiring theme will not only connect to film industry aspirants but youth in general.  The writing sparkles at many instances such as the random street dwellers who help Kalai to Meera and Surabhi thanking each other at the former's wedding.  The film has not only captured the romanticism behind cinema aspirants but also exposes how self centered their obsession is and how it affects their family.  The film also packs in a few surprises that are quite rewarding.

On the downside 'Star' falls into the same trap that biopics generally fall into which is the misses in logic  The upbeat climax seems to be an afterthought and the drama there is the most artificial part of the film in spite of the terrific acting and staging.  Post interval there is a lag in the narration with Aditi's character seeming to be forced in due to lack of material to push the story forward.

Yuvan Shankar Raja enhances the scenes with his symphonic background score while his own 'Pudhupettai' song is appropriately placed at one of the most crucial sequences in the story.   Ezhil Arasu K's cinematography captures the inner turmoil of the hero with his gloomy lighting balanced with the few bright moments when he encounters his highs.  Pradeep E Raghav has provided a smooth flowing narration that helps to hold the attention.  Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra and Rise East Entertainment have jointly produced the film.  Director Elan has shown brilliance in writing and execution in most parts of 'Star'.  He has pulled off the rare feat of putting forth a philosophy in the first frame and proving his thesis strongly in the last.  He has not only paid rich tribute to his dad Stils Pandian by adapting his true story but also by breaking the jinx that films about films dont work.

Verdict: Go for this well written and well enacted inspirational film 

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

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