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Kaddi Pudi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, June 8, 2013 • Kannada ]
Kaddi Pudi Review
Shivrajkumar, Radhika Pandit, Andrita Ray, Ananthnag, Avinash, Rangayana Raghu, Sharat Lohitashva, Renuka Prasad and others.
Swayamvara Chandru
V Harikrishna


Is the life of a rowdy like a smashed `Kaddi Pudi' (tobacco crushed)? Very rarely the reformation happens in the life of underworld dons. The society till the end looks on a different note. The killings and counter attacks in social life is such that, it cannot be easily forgotten. It is `Alpa Virama' - director Soori concludes and thus accepts that the rowdy activities are endless.

The first combination of Shivarajakumar century star and Duniya Soori falls flat in narration and the need of the present day is forgotten. Duniya Soori is not doing an art cinema. He is in the commercial framework. It is only in art and offbeat cinema the implications and applications are different. When a director is caught in the web of commercial cinema the `Entertainment' is a must. In that way the film never climb the ladder. That is because of oscillation of director whether to keep the protagonist in or out of underworld.

In the area of selection of actors and technical team director Soori has done an exceptional job. It is only the narration that goes flat with uninteresting, unimportant and inconsequential scenes. For the century star Shivarajakumar who has written a history from `Om' in the direction of Upendra in 1995 - this kind of subject needed a very strong values and contents should have been on top of all the movies of the past.

`Kaddi Pudi' begins with conversation of super cop Sathya Murthy (Ananthnag) and Anand alias Kaddi Pudi (Shivarajakumar). Keeping aside rowdy activity Anand wants to lead a peaceful life. That is not possible says cop Sathyamurthy. Instead of lying on the road side from bullet hit of police, I would show how one could live says Anand. You need power to live like that argument continues. I would like a simple person Anand.

Is it possible for Anand is the further narration? He goes on a rampage in the end without leaving any clue. His henchman (played by Rangayana Raghu) mixes the poison in the drink of Shankrappa side rowdies. Before that Shankrappa (Sharat Lohitashva) big name in underworld is also finished. The fact remains that in all the activities Anand brain is behind. Before the end of all ills of criminal field, Anand makes his wife an MLA.

In the narration comes a prostitute who reform because of Anand and an innocent Uma in the slum becomes life partner and same Uma is MLA in the film.

Shivarajakumar is lively and the load of energy is like 100 volts bulb. It is totally unimpressive for his fans. The routine style of chili powder thrown on protagonist and escaping from dozen - one is sick of watching such scenes.

Radhika Pandit is super once again. Aindrita Rai is luscious beauty on screen. Ananthnag is excellent in his way of delivering dialogues. The pun in his inimitable style remains in the memory. The guts in the role of Avinash, the burn in the role of Sharat Lohitashva are well portrayed.

Cameraman S Krishna for his nice angles and natural style of capture is appreciable. V Harikrishna three songs are worth hearing again - Soundarya Samara is in good standard, Yaaro Bareda meaningful and lively.

You need patience to watch this film `Kaddi Pudi'.

Score 5.5/10



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