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Kalaba Kadhalan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 18, 2006 • Tamil ]
Kalaba Kadhalan Review
Vishnu Talkies
Arya, Renuka Menon, Akshaya
S. Nandhakumar
Kalabak Kadhalan

There is always a dark allure to the forbidden. Its seductive attraction is magnetic. This special charm, as manifested in a woman coveting for his sister's husband, is the essential theme of Kalaba Kadhalan. This fatal attraction kind of love story is not new to Tamil cinema. We have seen it variations from time to time. But for a debutant to try such an outre theme is indeed brave. So credit is due for Igor (the new director) there. But if only he had shown more understanding and adroitness in getting the script tighter, he could have made the film even more gripping.

Akhilan (Arya), a city slicker and a software pro to boot, goes to a village in Tirunelveli to pick a bride for himself. He marries Anbarasi (Renuka Menon), a typical wide-eyed, impish belle. It is all fun and frolic for the couple. Enter Kanmani (Akshaya), sister of Anbarasi. She comes to the city to pursue her studies. But it is Akhilan whom she ends coveting for. she pines for him. It is love and lust at is best and worst. And when Anbarasi is in the family way, Kanmani becomes bolder and opens her mind to Akhilan. He is stunned. But Kanmani wants him at any cost. Akhilan is her object of obsessive desire. Anbarasi doesn't know what is happening behind her back. Kanmani schemes and plots to get her man. Does she manage to?

It is good suspense all through. The movie works because both Arya and Akshaya, as the besotted girl, show a fine understanding of their characters. Arya as a romantic hubby and then as a confused brother in law is splendid. Akshaya is the stand out performance of the movie. It is hard to tell that she is making her debut in this movie. She brings to fore the tough black shades in her character spontaneously. She is surely a talent to watch. Renuka Menon, looks cute, does her limited role with flair.

Igor shows a skill for handling a difficult subject. He traverses the tightrope of seduction and vulgarity quite nicely. Something you don't expect a debutant to do.

On the whole, Kalaba Kadhalan is watchable despite some glitches.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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