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Kalaralli Hoovagi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, December 23, 2006 • Kannada ]
Kalaralli Hoovagi Review
Vijaya Raghavendra, Uma, Ananthnag, Bharathi Vishnuvardhana

This is a landmark film in the career of director T.S.Nagabharana and in the history of Kannada cinema this is a precious jewel. The rich experience and hard work of director Nagabharana has been the hallmark of this delectably made historical film laced with love. Every department contributing to the totality is the specialty of this film. Hamsalekha the genius in the music, workaholic cameraman H.C.Venu, stalwart writer B.L.Venu, top stars have added to the glory of this film.

 When it comes to periodic development (1772) and integrity between the Hindu and Muslim community the rulings of Madakarinayaka the last ruler of Chitradurga fort in Karnataka is an eye opener.

Jayadeva (Vijaya Raghavendra) rescue the Muslim girl Noor Jahan from virtual death and brings her to his house. The 'Raja Panditha'(doctor of Kingdom) Jayadeva's father (played by Ananthnag) treats this girl with no hangovers and the family members are surprised to know that this Muslim girl is dumb. Noor Jahan belongs to the Hyder Ali the enemy kingdom. This is where the problems crops up for Jayadeva. Noor Jahan is named as Rathna in the Hindu community and she is given all care till she finds her brothers. In the meantime Jayadeva falls in love with Rathna. This is once again a crime but Jayadeva is a man with will power to succeed in his attempt. Jayadeva's valiance makes him lieutenant of the Madakarinayaka Kingdom and he is the leader of the army now. He unearths the spy in his kingdom and further comes close to the king. At the time of Moharam of Muslim community in Chitradurga fort the Hyder Ali gangs plot to take control of Madakarinayaka kingdom is foiled. It is Jayadeva who pays from the same coin of Hyder Ali. But before this he gets acceptance from his king for his love in a humble submission.

How brilliantly Jayadeva handle the situation in front of the enemy and what happens to his lady love is grippingly told in the climax.

This is the career best performance from Vijaya Raghavendra. His long hair style, physique, dancing ability and quick moments has come out fine. As a dumb lover in some portions Umashankeri is convincing. Ananthnag, Bharathi Vishnuvardhana, Devaraj, Avinash, Sharat, Satyajith have given outstanding performance. Ambarish as Madakarinayaka suits very well.

Hamsalekha giving six beautiful tunes and scoring wonderful background score shows his grit and determination for quality film. He deserves a few awards like how the cameraman H.C.Venu deserves. Perhaps no one has so far handled the Chitradurga in the camera so beautifully.

Madhu Bangarappa and Anand Singh producers of this historical film have caught hold of the right precious stone that makes every Kannadiga to feel proud.

This is a must see film.

Scoring 9/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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