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Kallori Music Review

Kallori Music Review
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Tamanna, Akhil, Balamurugan, Hema, Rajeswari, Sailatha, Mayareddy, Arunkumar, Alex, Prakash
Balaji Sakthivel
Joshua Sridhar
Trendy and youthful
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, November 21, 2007 • தமிழ்] Comments

Joshwa Sridhar has done it again. The young musician, who had enthralled us with his different approach in Kaathal, has come out with another winner with this album. Though the songs are not outstanding, they perfectly reflect the mood of the central theme of the movie, i.e., the life in collage campus. The songs are trendy and youthful. They offer verity and right spirit.

Now let us see the songs one by one:

Kalloori theme (sung by: Haricharan)

The theme song opens like a gentle breeze with the sweet sound of flute providing the right mood for a beginning. The song slowly gathers momentum soon and Haricharan's voice penetrates into the beats of drums. His spirited voice renders the apt mood for the theme song. The interludes provide variety of sounds that reflects various moods that could prevail in a campus in different times. Na. Muthukumar's lyrics are youthful

Sariya Idhu Thavara (Haricharan)

The song is on the mood of a boy, who slips into, what else, love. The fast beat song has captured the feeling well. The music director and the lyricist have worked in tandem to bring out the joy, pain, and confusion associated with the feeling of love. Haricharan's voice effectively reflects the mood of the mind that is trying to understand the changes caused by the unique feeling called love. The interludes too are reflective of the varying moods of the boy under the spell of love.

June July (Krish, Suchitra)

The song praises the value of the priceless friendship. Krish and Suchitra render their voices with involvement and right feelings. Na. Muthukumar has penned some amazing lines to depict the power of friendship. The peppy tune with some variation in between, makes you dance instantly. If the director wants the song to be a tribute to friendship, the music director and the lyricist have just delivered that. The beginning of the song however, misleads. The humming gives you the impressions that it could a romantic number.

Unnarugil Varugaiyil (Harini Sudhakar and Haricharan)

This one is a romantic number that seems to be portraying the happiness of the lovers after they start sharing love with each other. When the love beckons, it gives you a lot of varied feelings. But when the love is being reciprocated, the mind is filled with unadulterated joy. The tune has ably captured the feeling. Harini's voice, in particular, is sweet.

Vandanam Ayya (Thyagu, Ramesh, and Prakash)

The song is a typical galatta fare that could take place in any collage. The song gives you the picture of a day's life of a boy going to collage. The scene-by-scene account rendered in Villuppaattu style is simply hilarious. This could well become the song of the campus all over Tamilnadu in the coming days. Thyagu, Ramesh, and Prakash have perfectly reflected the spirit of the song. An instant winner.

The review will not be complete without a few words on Na. Muthukumar. The lyricist has been showing remarkable improvement in depicting various moods and situations. His lines are poetic, insightful, and youthful. They jell well with the tune and the situation.

Overall, the album impresses with variety of tunes, right voices and well written lyrics. Though Joshwa Sridhar hasn't done any wonders, he has successfully created an enjoyable music track.

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