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Kalvanin Kadhali Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 18, 2006 • Tamil ]
Kalvanin Kadhali Review
Dream Makers UK5
S.J. Suryah, Nayantra, Sarath Babu, Vivek
Tamil Vaanan
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Kalvanin Kadhali

Director Tamilvanan perhaps has understood the image that Suryah enjoys among the youths. They come for some 'rugby jokes' and some glitzy glamour. So he has provided plenty of that in Kalvanin Kadali. The film is so S J Suryaish that you don't realize that he has not directed the movie.

Even in normal roles, Suryah freaks out with ribald lines. In this movie, he comes as a flirt, who chases mini-skirts almost as a cerebral compulsion. So the glamour quotient doubles up. The comedy lines are extra pink, so to speak. Though you can't condone it, you have to accept that the double meaning dialogues are inevitable with such themes.

Satya, a rich lover boy whose weakness, and strength, are women. He can't stop winking and having a pass at them. To love is his life. He comes across Haritha (Nayantra).He falls for her buxom charm and wants to 'have' her and even goes to the extent of promising that he will marry her. She is game for marriage but not game for his 'games.' Haritha comes to know of his real intention. So she sets out to reform him and give up his profligate ways.

Suryah enjoys the role of a wild womanizer. Though he tends to go over the top in his acting, the underlying fun element to his career saves him. Otherwise, he romps through the role that is tailor made for him. Nayantra looks cuddly and cozy and fits the role to a T. In fact,her performance is the strength of the movie.

The comedy team of Vivek and Ganja Karuppu (who come as heroes' lackeys) bring the house down at many places.

Yuvanshankar's tunes provide perfect base for movie. They are trendy and has the right buzz.

Tamilvanan had no pretensions about the kind of the movie he wanted to make. It is aimed at the youth set. And he provides plenty of what they may construe as entertainment. But when you make a film only for the youth audience, you are walking on thin ice. Tamilvanan has taken the risk. And Suryah's image must have emboldened him.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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