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Kalyanram Kathi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, November 12, 2010 • Telugu ]
Kalyanram Kathi Review
NTR Arts
KalyanRam, Sana, Saranya Mohan and others
Nandamuri Kalyanram

Films with faction backdrop had become a fad for Nandamuri clan. Once Balakrishna looted the Box Office with films like Samarasimha Reddy and Narasimha Naidu with faction backdrop. Later, it is NT Rama Rao, who won the hearts of audiences with films like Aadi and Simhadri with faction and action backdrops. Latest is Balakrishna's Simha, who to some extent appeased the audiences with lot of bloodshed. Kalyanram who is craving for a hit chose the same faction subject to please the masses, fell flat with unimpressive direction, pathetic screenplay, meaningless story narration by the director Mallikarjun.


Story goes like this. Ramakrishna (Kalyanram) is the younger son of a retired mandal revenue officer (Chandramohan). While the elder son (Sameer) works in a construction company as a manager, his second son is a software engineer. Ramakrishna is the younger son who had a goal to become a good football player and play for India. They have a sister named Harita (Saranya Mohan). Ramakrishna loves Harita more than his life. Not only Harita, he loves his entire family. He is in the habit of settling disputes in a peaceful manner while he was with his family. At the same time, he bashes anyone without any mercy when he was off the family. Harita takes the help of her brother for silly things too. Once, Harita disappears and the entire family searches for her but to no avail. Almost the entire family ignores her, but Ramakrishna doesn't. His family insists Ramakrishna to utilize the opportunity to play football at national-level. When he was on his way to Delhi, Ramakrishna comes across Harita in the railway station and comes to know that she was cheated by her lover, Chinababu (Shyam), son of Muthyam (Kota Srinivasa Rao), a notorious factionist. Ramakrishna in order set things right joins the faction family as a goon. How he settled his sister's marital life forms part of the climax.

Unimpressive performance.

Kalyanram's performance in the film failed to appeal to any class of audiences. Several questions remain unanswered in the characterization of the hero. Sana Khan played the heroine opposite him and she had no role to play except to shake legs for a couple of songs. Saranya Mohan is okay in the sister's role, while Shyam had maintained a single expression all through the film and failed to impress the audiences. Ajay's entry was good but his exit was abrupt. Kota Srinivasa Rao is usual and did justice to his role. Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Venumadhav tried their best to tickle the funny bones of audiences. However, Brahmanandam was wasted and his character was not properly established. Others like Chandramohan, Sameer, Surekhavani, Telangana Sakuntala are just okay. They just come and go.

Atrocious technical team.

As far as technical issues, the story is pretty predictable and it is not known, why the hero and the director insisted on the title `Kathi' and why the `Kalyanram' was kept as a prefix as none of the characters in the film carry the name. It is absurd to give the title `Katti' just because Kalyanram carried the sword in a few scenes. Dialogues by M Ratnam lacked the punch and power for a faction- oriented film. The dialogues in a couple of occasions appeared powerful, but the dialogue modulation killed the punch in those dialogues too. Action scenes by Ram-Lakshman are disastrous. Direction is atrocious and mediocre. The director miserably failed to narrate the story. He tried to mix the sentiment and faction but could not do justice to any of the element. The screenplay is so worse that many scenes appeared disjointed and the audiences were in an embarrassing situation to understand the subject. The director made the audiences fools, by trying to join a few action scenes and a couple of sentiment scenes.


Mere action scenes to woo the frontbenchers can't make a film impressive to watch. None of the songs are impressive and the blank faces by seasoned artistes made the film a total mockery. Mallikarjun, who gave a dud (Abhimanyu) with Kalyanram earlier , once again failed to utilize the second opportunity given by the producer and Kalyanram failed to cash in on the mood of the audiences who enjoyed three big hits from the artistes of Nandamuri family like Adurs, Simha and Brindavanam. Kalyanram Kathi as a whole tested the patience of audiences. The film could be treated as a lesson how a film should not be made.

Released on: 12th Nov, 2010

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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