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Kanchanamala Cable TV Preview

Kanchanamala Cable TV Peview
Srikanth, Laxmi Rai, Ali,
Potluri Satyanarayana and K.V.Krishnarao
K M Radhakrishnan

Kanchanamala Cable TV

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Telugu Comments

The name of the film itself is a give-away. It is a light-hearted comedy with lots of glamour and oomph show. In other words, it comes aimed at the front-benchers.

It is the type of film that Srikanth has made a career out of. Srikanth, who has been in the fringes for several years now, has been a master of such lowbrow comedies. Such small budget quickies are what he started with. Srikanth has a tailor-made role in this film.

Giving him company is Laxmi Rai. If the film stills are anything to go by, there is plenty of buxom glamour ready for view. Laxmi Rai, a former Miss Belgaum, recently made her debut in Tamil. From there the transition has been quick. In her first film itself she had no inhibitions for some skin show. In this too, she has been a bit liberal with dresses.

There are a plethora of comedians to add to the fun and mirth.

The music is by Radhakrishnan. The name should ring a bell. He was the one who scored those lilting and hugging melodies in Anand. Radhakrishnan has to now show that his first film effort was not a one-off.

Director Parthasarthy is a debutant. His talents are untested. But he says he can come up with a plausible entertainer that doesn't harm the producer.

Hope the Cable TV beams the right picture.

Set for mid-July release.