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Katari Veera Sura Sundarangi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 11, 2012 • Kannada ]
Katari Veera Sura Sundarangi Review
Ambarish, Upendra, Ramya, Doddanna
Suresh Krissna
Munirathna Naidu
V Harikrishna
Katari Veera Surasundarangi - Story & Dialogues

The grandeur filled technical treat for the Kannada audience from this 3D film 'Katari Veera Sundarangi' has not much to boast in the content wise. It falls flat in good and neat narration. Upendra fans lap up the lengthy hard hitting dialogues. Upendra has banked on his earlier film 'Raktha Kanneeru' style to retain his super star position. What he adds new from this film 'Katari Veera Sura Sundarangi' is a small message that small mistakes should be punished more than big mistakes.

Reputed South Indian director Suresh Krissna looks lost in the dialogue punches the demanding factor for Upendra film. Suresh Krissna has not set everything in right order in this partially good cinema that is only because of the magic called 3D technology!

Imagine a blackberry mobile in hell with Upendra catching Chitragupta romancing with a middle aged lady. It is used by character in hell to blackmail Chitragupta to secure his ends meet. Like how there is not even an iota of logic in this scene there are several such scenes in the film making it a big nonsense. The readings and understandings so far are pooh-poohed by this film on heaven and hell. The lord of death Yamadharma Raja succumbs to tricks of Mass Manava in hell and heaven despite of Vajrayudha Indra becomes a puppet at the hands of Mass Manava.

Why this Mass Manava goes to hell and heaven? Mass Manava (Upendra) era has ended on earth. He is a very clever person. He has an entry to hell and heaven because he is a good chartered account of his life. He has balanced the good and bad equally. The fickle mind of Mass Manava is uncontrollable in heaven and hell. He creates confusion from election to Yamadharma Raja (Ambarish) post and uses his brain to come to heaven where Indraja attracts him. The love affair of Mass Manava and Indraja (Ramya) is again a hard issue to digest for Indra (Sridhar). Brahma is invited to solve this problem.

Lord Brahma carefully balancing the things says Mass Manava and Indraja reach the earth if they get married. On earth they should not commit more than three mistakes. Yama Dharama should see to it they commit three mistakes says Brahma. This results in the film shifting to earth once again.

Finally it is the true love that wins the battle. Mass Manava and Indraja live happily on earth. Yamadharmaraja bless the couple of good life.

Speedster in dialogues Upendra wins the hearts of his fans. When the Mohan character of Raktha Kanneeru takes on the position of Yamadharama Raja in hell the Upendra avatar is excellent from dialogues. In the role of Yamadharama Raja Upendra hard hitting dialogues is an eye opener to all those who make small mistakes. Upendra looks grand in the mythological costume.

Ramya sizzling beauty romancing with Upendra in one song on earth is a new attempt for her after 'Julie' (with Dino Morea romance) Kannada cinema. For the talent of Ramya there is not enough of building up the character.  In the close up shots she looks very fat. Ambarish as Yamadharama Raja has that build and his dialogues are also powerful. Sridhar as Indra is OK. Upendra in the get up of Raktha Kanneeru Mohana gives powerful dialogues.

The graphic shots that show Dr Rajakumar in one scene and other wise MGR, NTR, Kuvempu, Chi Udayashanker Sathya Saibaba are show in the heaven. In the hell Hitler, Gaddaffi, Veerappan, Bid Laden are caricatured as receiving punishment.

HC Venu deserves a few awards for his hard work and excellent results on screen. He has the good support of technology. The 3D shots attract the eyes at more than half dozen places.

V Harikrishna is not with lovely numbers in this film. for Ramya in heaven is the best one.

This is worth watching for 3D technology laced.

Score - 6.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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