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Kathputli Preview

Kathputli Peview
Mink, Milind Soman, Yukta Mookhey, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Seema Biswas, Sudhanshu Pandey, Mukul Dev, Vikas Kalantri
Sanjay Khanna
Mink, Punnu Brar


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

What happens when you wake up in a world that looks unfamiliar?
What happens when you come across people who claim to be your own but seem to be the ones you have hardly met?
What happens when you loose your memory and come across situations, people and surroundings that look dangerous at every nook and corner?

Do you just become a puppet in the hands of destiny? A mere 'kathputli'?

Lisa Oberoi [Mink] was one such young woman who found herself facing all these questions while being stranded all alone on a Mumbai road!

She just couldn't remember who she was, from where had she come, where was she going, who were their own and who were the strangers! The only companions with her turned out to be materialistic!

A dress soaked in blood!
A coat carrying bundles of cash!

She soon finds herself in the company of Dr. Arjun Oberoi [Milind Soman] who claimed to be her husband. From him, she also got to know that she was a rich woman who had every luxury in the world that she could afford. This wasn't all as she is told that she had been leading a happy married life before she found herself in such an agonizing situation.

Arjun was her husband, she owned the best hospital of Mumbai and above all she had been leading a happy'n'successful married life!

But then what had gone wrong?

While she was struggling all this while to get answers to these questions, Arjun tries his best to get their married life back on track. He helped her recollect her past and while doing so he also attempted at beginning a new future with her. A future in which a lot depended upon Arjun making Lisa fall in love with him all over again and lead a life of caring, togetherness and sheer bliss!

For a normal person, the kind of love showered by Arjun could have been enough to forget about the past and plan for the future. But not for Lisa who was hardly leading a normal life! She was pained with the recurring thoughts that had been suffering from all this while. All that she could sense was a troubled feeling around what got her into such a state and who were the individuals responsible for this! Her distress was enhanced further when she was troubled by constant reminders of blood and money that threatened to disrupt her peace every now and then.

While she hardly found answers to these questions from Arjun, she was also perplexed about the fact that there were two women always around her - Anju [Yukta Mookhey] and Celina. But why? Were they there to help her live a life of normalcy? Or was it Arjun's plan to keep an eye over her while he was away for work.

While Anju was a friendly neighborhood young woman who ensured that her sweet talks kept Lisa occupied, Celina was a nurse whose job was to look after Lisa due to the condition she was going through!

But was her condition actually improving? Or would Lisa's life require someone else's intervention to bring her out of the situation she was one?

Probably yes, because this is what seemed apparent with Dev's arrival on the scene.

Dev! A dashing young naval officer who was not just Anju's husband but also Lisa's friend since her childhood. On hearing Lisa's story he is shocked. And now his resolve was to solve this mystery! To let Lisa know about her past! To investigate on what had gone wrong!

Was there a sinister plan in the making? Was Arjun's love for Lisa real? Was Arjun himself for real?

Or was this all a game to make Lisa a 'kathputli'?

Produced by Mink herself along with her brother Punnu Brar, 'Kathputli' is presented by the prestigious 'Sahara One' banner and is directed by Sanjay Khanna of Suneil Shetty starrer 'An