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Kaththi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, October 23, 2014 • Tamil ]
Kaththi Review
Vijay, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Tota Roy Chowdhury, Sathish, Prabhu, Subbu Panchu Arunachalam, Sayaji Shinde
AR Murugadoss
Lyca Productions, Ayngaran International

Kaththi Movie review

The fans would automatically expect too much if a successful pair joins hands once again, and in the case of Vijay – A.R. Murugugadoss it has gone a step ahead. When A.R.M mentioned that Kaththi will be better than Thuppakki, many questioned it, and started to think what would be in store this time. But, the pair has delivered what they promised, and scaled a new peak. Let’s see how they did it in detail.

Kaththi is all about, how Jeevanandham, a social activist fight against a monstrous MNC company to restore farming. The other Vijay, ‘Kathiresan’, a small time thief, but an ultra intelligent youngster, who  swaps position with Jeevanandham because of destiny, and leads the war with the corporate heads by, Neil Nithin Mukesh, which tries to steal the fertile lands from villagers.
Cast Performance:

Vijay as Jeevanandham & Kathiresan has delivered a lifetime performance, and showed a brilliant variety in both the roles, albeit not even a great makeover between both the roles. Samantha is cute and complements really well with Vijay for 3 songs, and her smile demands the viewers to take a note out of her as well.  Sathish’s one liners do not make us to ROFL, but it was enough to evoke much needed laugh in this social drama. Neil Nithin Mukesh deserves a special mention for delivering the dialogues beautifully, and he fits the bill perfectly as a chairman of an MNC.
Direction & Screenplay:

It will be an understatement to say that, Murugadoss has mastered the skills of commercial film making. He has raised the bar once again, and mixed the colorful elements in the right proportion of a social drama, and penned an excellent screenplay. Though there are some logical loopholes; those have been brilliantly plastered by cinematic liberties. It will take another Murugadoss’ish effort to shadow ‘Kaththi’.
Technical aspects:

Music – Anirudh has proven what he could do provided if he gets a big movie in his hand. The crowd erupts whenever ‘The Sword of Destiny’ starts to feature, and the youngsters go berserk when they see his name, on screen. This effort will put, Anirudh in a different league, and given his consistency, he is sure to go places.

Cinematography – With just a movie to his name prior to this one, George C William’s work is impressive. He has given a different tone to the ‘Jeevanandham’ episode, and captured the moods of ‘Kathiresan’ in a brighter shade. The jail breaking sequence, and the 360 degree flip inside the tunnel are jaw dropping.

Choreography – Shobi has understood the trap, rap, and kuthu genre to deliver a viral dance moves for all the three songs. The ‘Selfie Pulla’ will be the next big hit in the coming months, and will feature in all the dance competitions.

Action – Anal Arasu has taken an innovative route to script fight episodes. The pre interval block, and the climax fights are mind blowing, and sure to set a trend for the future movies. The cartwheel spin, and knife spin are, ‘once more’ materials.

Dialogues – Murugudoss has conveyed the much needed message to this generation via his brilliant dialogues, and made use of harsh facts to highlight the importance of water and farming. Vijay has voiced the powerful dialogues with a swag of his own to add more firepower to it.
What worked:

Murugadoss has made use of Vijay’s potential and delivered a powerful social drama with a few twists in both the halves. The editing is taut, and the decision not to include ‘Paalam’ song  clogged few more kilometers to the racy screenplay. The stunts are believable, and the director has succeeded in delivering what he wanted to with the help of a tremendous cast and crew.

What not:

A few logical errors in the first few mins, and the pace of the movie for the first 45 mins. If, Kathiresan can simply decode anything, why was he keep getting caught for 18 times when he tried to escape from the jail? Well, it is okay to play to the gallery, and cross the barricades of logics for a commercial entertainer. But the question is, how long will we have to say OKAY to these age old strategies?

Verdict:  Vijay & Murugados have redefined the term ‘commercial’ once again and delivered a perfect diwali treat for the Tamil audience. 

Rating : 3.25 / 5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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