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Feels Like Home Season 2

Comedy | Drama

Season : 2Episode : 6Release Date : 07/10/2022


Lionsgate Play’s offering Feels Like Home’s first season set the premise for a hilarious and party hard boys gang,

Rating - 4 / 5

Keeps Up To Its Charming College Life Nostalgic Drama Giving An Absolute Treat!

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, October 6, 2022 ]

Lionsgate Play's offering Feels Like Home’s first season set the premise for a hilarious and party hard boys gang, going through life and college with very little experience, and now the second season is out, and the adorable boys are facing some growing up challenges. Needless to say their lives are filled with much more complicated twists and turns, the Banchod Nivas rockstars – Sameer, Akhil, Lakshay and Avinash are facing some real-life challenges, which propel these hard-cases into adulthood. 

Makers have kept the premise the same, and takes the story forward, which is refreshing and promises a well-crafted, yet random and hilarious, writing laced with amazing performances.Lakshay, played by Prit Kamani, finally shed his party hard avatar and finds a steady girlfriend, but there is a catch, he is dating his best-bro Avi’s ex-girlfriend. 

The hysterical Avinash is little subdued in the second season and finds some grip on his emotions and life. Sameer, who is still talking to his imaginary friend, and is confused about his relationship with Dhriti (Himika Bose) – he somewhere pushes out of his comfort zone and faces his stage fear.

Akhil Gandhi (Mihir Ahuja), is on self-discovery mode, and the makers have added the mental health aspect. He has emotional tantrums and fights through his emotions, he also finds a real girlfriend and re-discovers his passion for cricket. 

The show is a great example of a local story adapted for a global audience, the screenplay is superb, the performances are outstanding. The show is narrated from male perspective, which is something we haven’t seen in a long time, especially in series space. 

The show is produced by Lionsgate India and Writeous Studios, created by Sidhanta Mathur and penned by Chiranjeevi Bajpai, Parikshit Joshi, Gauri Pandit and Sidhanta Mathur. The show starts streaming from 7th October exclusively on Lionsgate Play.

Verdict: If you're a 20s something, this show is a definite must-watch for you!

Rating: 4/5


Cast: Prit Kamani, Anshuman Malhotra, Vishnu Kaushal, Mihir Ahuja, Himika Bose, Inayat Sood

Director: Sahir Raza

Screen Play: Sahir Raza

Producer: Sidhanta Mathur

Production: Lionsgate India, Writeous Studios

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