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Krishna Aur Kans Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 4, 2012 • Hindi ]
Krishna Aur Kans Review
Vikram Veturi
Shantanu Moitra

It is nothing less than ironic when a film is titled 'Krishna aur Kans' but instead of the protagonist, it is the antagonist that turns out to be the best part of the affair. This is what happens in this Vikram Veturi directed animation film which stays on to be interesting when Kans is on the scene but loses momentum after Krishna makes his entry. This is the reason why the first and second half of the film are poles apart.While the first half is entirely about Kans, the second half has Krishna dominating the proceedings but not quite bringing the desired effect. Due to this reason after a decent build up, the film just slides down.

The film is basically about how Kans didn't mind killing all sons of his sister Devaki because he was told that her eight son would turn out to be his 'kaal'. So far so good because the drama really captivates you well. Also, good credit needs to go for Om Puri who is the voice of Kans.

He sounds menacing and never once goes overboard, something that is otherwise a problem area with voiceover in many animation films. Animation, though at least 3 years behind when compared to some of the stellar stuff that has been made in the recent times, isn't bad. Moreover, you don't focus much on it either since the story is arresting.

However the film starts going downhill once the focus shifts on Krishna and his naughty antics. Suddenly all is forgotten about Kans and it is about to take a tour of Brij with Gopis, matkis, maakhan, doodh and stuff alike.

Yes, there are a few 'action scenes' thrown in but they start looking like set pieces, unlike the first half when they were integrated well into the plot. Too many songs, quite a few distractions and difficult to comprehend the `shuddh Hindi bhaasha' later, the film reaches an almost abrupt finale with Krishna being invited to the game of death by Kans.

This only leads to further issues as there is no build up of sorts while the face off between Krishna and Kans isn't as electrifying as one would have expected. Moments later, Krishna is shown beating the pulp out of Kans and the end credits start rolling. Now if this was just one of the episodes in a film about Krishna, one would have still lived with that.

However for a film which is touted to be a battle between Krishna and Kans, there ought to be better culmination.

Meanwhile, one does wonder what was the need for the film to be shown in 3D? Frankly, never once do you feel any difference between 2D and 3D as the technology isn't even used to a bare minimum effect, leave aside optimally.

A barely average movie, it is bound to go unnoticed since there isn't really much in it to facilitate a good word of mouth that would entice young ones in dozens.

Rating: **

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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