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Lakshmi Ganesh Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, July 1, 2004 • తెలుగు ]
Lakshmi Ganesh Review
Sai Kumar, Swapna, Ambika, Ashok, Sridhar, C RSimha, Malathi, Kirtana
Thriller Manju
M N Krupakar

If ever there is a prisoner of image then it should be Sai Kumar. He cannot but be an honest, angry, tough, bloody, innocent, trusting, trustful, loving family man. His family or himself will fall prey to the machinations of the villain (usually a dishonest cop or a venal politician) on whom he will wreak vengeance after some robust fights and more robust dialogues.

Any movie featuring him will have to work around this broad outline. 

And Lakshmi Ganesh does.

Ganesh is typically an angry young man out to reform the society. Then there is the Chief Minister (Ambika) who gives public darshans and talks elaborately about World Bank loans. Ganesh, not surprisingly, has his run-ins with the Chief Minister.

He harangues against her policies and says her promises are duplicitous. As it happens, he also falls in love with the Chief Ministers daughter Divya (Swapna). In the interregnum, Ganesh (who is also a cable TV operator) takes on another local rowdy.

Ganesh has to take on another suitor of Divya, Rajesh (Ashok). But Ganesh manages to outsmart Ashok and win the confidence of the Chief Minister herself. And when she is ready to give her daughter in marriage to Ganesh, a bomb blast occurs and he is picked up as one of the suspects.

How Ganesh outwits his scheming opponents (with help of a Muslim friend---a politically correct characterization) and gets his woman is the rest of the story. The suspense centers on the eventual identity of the villain.

Sai Kumar, as expected, dominates the film from start to finish. He fights with gusto and shows the same in his dialogue delivery. His role is tailor-made and he breezes through it. Ambika as the Chief Minister is good. The rest have nothing much to do except plod on expected lines.

With director, Thriller Manju, being a stunt master  himself, the fights have been choreographed very well. Sai Kumar literally rises up to occasion in the fight scenes.

The dialogues ooze fire and brimstone and borders on demagoguery. The songs in such a film are just for the sake of it.

Sai Kumar usually makes films for his fans and his constituency.

Lakshmi Ganesh strictly follows the pattern

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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