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Laptop Music Review

Laptop Music Review
Suresh Gopi, Padmapriya, Urmila Unni, Madhuben, Harikrishnan
Rupesh Paul
Sreevalsan J. Menon
The best songs of the year
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, August 13, 2008 • മലയാളം] Comments

Sreevalsan J Menon is a known figure in the Carnatic music circles. But even with his first outing into creating music for films in 'Laptop', Sreevalsan has literally surprised everyone with his penchant for melodies, than opting for complicated ragas.

The composer gives us an excellent, themed soundtrack with the kind of sound we have come to love from ghazals. He is supported with well written lyrics by Rafeeq Ahmed and Rita Paul.

1. Jalasayyayil - Singer: Kalyani Menon

This is perhaps the best of the composition in the album, sung with grace by veteran singer Kalyani Menon. The song is repeated in the voice of Soniya, but couldn't match the former's honest, pathos-laden vocals. This is perhaps one of the best songs sung by Kalyani Menon in her entire career. The highlight of her rendering is that she has not gone for any filmy tricks of making her voice "bright". The music of the song is infectious, sometimes unexpected and sure to get you back to the replay button.

2.  Ilam Neela Neela - Singer: Sreevalsan J Menon  

This song sung by the music director himself has excellent support in lyrics by Rita Paul. The track is efficiently rendered, layered with immense feel without any gimmicks. It is a delight to hear the gifted singer spell out the feel when singing the lines ``arike, melle pozhiyu''. This soft tempo song grows on you as you hear it repeatedly. The lyrics paint a picture of a man desperately longing for support and assurance from his lady love. The song is simple, soft and very catchy with background piano and flute pieces creating  a pleasing effect.

3.   May Maasame - Singer: Amal Antony

Another good song to make it three in a row. Sung without hesitation by new voice Amal, this is a simple song set to traditional interludes and instruments. His rendition styles at times sounds too similar to that of M G Sreekumar .

4. Vaathil Chaaranay - Singer: Sreevalsan J Menon, Lyrics: Rafeeq Ahamed

The song offers some more compelling vocals of the music director, while the tune itself has an interesting pattern. The interludes are short and to the point. The change in chord which takes you from the interlude to the stanza is very pleasant.  Sreevalsan's voice has a pleasant, seductive flow reminiscent of that of many aged playback singers, giving the needed feel to the song, especially in the andharas.

5. Etho Jalashankil - Singers: Soniya , Amal Antony

This is one delightful melody with beautiful lyrics and fabulous singing by the new comers, especially by Soniya. The song is repeated as a solo by this gifted new singer. A neat track that mixes a light melody with catchy interludes and uncomplicated orchestration. This song offers meaningful wordplay, more a poetical paraphrase by Rafeeq Ahamed to a old-worldly tune, the best in the album in terms of lyrical beauty.

In this age of synth nightmares, Sreevalsan's songs are a big relief from those heavy regular beats that we are into everyday. Definitely these are the songs that are destined to be more appreciated in the awards galore. Go for it if you love meaningful songs that will sooth you, even by a single hearing.

You can enjoy the beautiful tracks on, infact the best of the year so far.