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LBW Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, February 19, 2011 • Telugu ]
LBW Review
A Working Dream Production
Abhijith, Nishanti, Siddhu, Chinmayi, Asif Taj, Rohan, Sidhu Jonnalagadda and others
Praveen Sattaru
Naveen Sattaru, Deborah Stone
R Anil

With hardly any buzz about the film, very little publicity, barely any pressconferences, logo launches or the other newly invented hype drama that surrounds a release, 'LBW-Life Before Wedding' released.  Praveen Sattaru, yet another NRI debutes as director with this movie.


The movie begins with a discussion between friends on love affair and marriage. A girl in the group narrates the story of her friends Jai and Rishi.

Jai (Abhijith) and Rishi(Siddhu) are friends who get to meet Anu(Nishanti). Rishi and Anu fall in love and go around for a few months. Rishi is a short tempered and irresponsible guy who is alcoholic. Anu gets to know this and decides to break up with him. Jai tries to resolve the fight between them.

Meanwhile in yet another story in Dallas, Texas, Rajesh(Rohan) and Radika(Chinmayi) are colleagues working in IBM. Since both of them are neighbours too, they share good rapport and travel by the same car every day.  Radika likes Rajesh and proposes to him. However he rejects her. Rajesh's room mate Varun(Asif) consoles Radika.

The rest of the story is on what happens between Jai-Anu-Rishi and Rajesh-Radika-Varun and how these two stories are connected.


It is hard to believe that most of the actors in this film are debutants. The young star cast Abhijit, Rohan, Siddhu, Asif, Chinmayi and Nishanti proved better than many existing stars in the industry. They were unbelievably natural and acted with ease despite being their first film. Abhijith looked cute and naturally urban. Siddhu with an anti hero role is praise worthy. Rohan's facial expressions are instantly likeable. Asif has a sculpted body and did justice to his role. Chinmayi outsmarts best of our glam divas and north Indian imported heroines with her timing and Telugu ammayi looks. Nishanti despite no killer looks gives us the feeling of deja vu. She overcomes her mediocre looks with her screen presence, emoting the expressions with accurate timing and not overdoing anything anywhere. The rest of the charecters are of parents of these youngsters whose performances are flawless.  This movie proves the theory that one doesn't need superstars or glam queens for a good story to be told.  Talented directors are not those who chase stars but create them and Praveen has just done that in his very first attempt.

Clap worthy aspects

Good impression on this film begins with the starting credits and title poster which are creative. The music of this film is fresh, outstanding and has great repeat value. The tracks Reppapatu Ee Kshanam, Teerale Vaddhante, Vedhane.. are melodious. Cinematography is stupendous and reference worthy. Screenplay is innovative to Telugu cinema and tailor made for this script. Despite no seperate comedians, the situational comedy in the film showing a fat guy always eating, and a Chineese roomate ever sleeping shows the maturity of the director in the craft. The last time USA was shown in such detail and authentically in Telugu cinema was perhaps only in 'Padamati Sandhya Ragam' years ago.

Cringe worthy aspects

The casting for the roles of parents of Nishanti and the Principal of the college could have been better. The director failed to use effective background score at scenes that demanded it. The interiors of offices of IBM in US where Abhijith goes to work look very desi. The scene where a Telugu guy with absolutely no English knowledge finding a job in Rohan's office makes one smirk. The story gets a little draggy in the second half and makes one look at the watch.


This is an impressive movie with a never seen before narrative in Telugu cinema. This is for everyone who likes to watch movies which are hatke and sensible. A must watch.

Released on: 18th Feb, 2011

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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