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Lockdown workout- Say goodbye to belly fat!

Saturday, April 11, 2020 • Tamil Comments
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Eat, sleep, munch on a whole packet of Cheetos, play Call of Duty, repeat. Sounds familiar? We’re sure it does to a lot of us. But that’s not going to help anybody get the body they want. Even during a lockdown, with no equipment, using just body weight exercises, it’s possible to cut fat and gain muscle.

We’ve compiled five exercise combos that are going to be your ally in burning that extra belly that you’re carrying. If you were expecting crunches and bicycle kicks, sorry. Spot reduction is just myth. If you want to reduce your belly, you got to work up your entire body, burn more calories. Take a print out. Stick it on your wall. Follow the regime rigorously until your rock-hard abs pop out.

Burpees + mountain climbers

What’s a burpee? You stand straight with feet shoulder apart. Fall down to do a pushup and raise high jumping up with your arms straight above. Mountain climbers? Start with a push up position and walk in the same spot bringing your knees to your chest with each leg. After each burpee, do four mountain climbers.



Dive bombers + sit throughs

Dive bomber is very similar to the Hindu pushups. You fall into a pushup position but with your hips hanging low to the floor and elbows straight. And from there you perform a sit through by twisting your foot to the other side of the body. (If you’ve learned this and add a little bounce to it, it also doubles as a cool dance move!)

High Knees + sprawl

High knees are easy. You run on the same spot. And each time you bring your knees up, you really try to bring them up as high as possible. After doing some high knees, fall onto the floor like you would do in a pushup position but only with your feet wide and arms straight. And jump back up to do the high knees again.

Backwards lunge + step on

Find yourself a chair or a bench. With the bench in front of you, perform a backwards lunge with one leg. And with the same leg, step on to the bench and come back to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg as well. Talk about working your thighs.

Lateral lunge + squat jump

It’s the same as doing a normal lunge, but sideways. One thing to remember though- make sure your toes are not out of line way from your knees. You’re just trying to sit on an imaginary chair with legs stretched sideways. After completing the lunge on both the legs, come back to the starting position and jump squat. If you’re not able to perform a jump squat, just do a squat.

Reps and rest

Do each exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Do eight such rounds before moving on to the next exercise. You can take a minute off in between exercises.

Go hard on the lockdown. Come out of the quarantine like a beast. And say goodbye to that belly fat!

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