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Love Failure Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, February 17, 2012 • Telugu ]
Love Failure Review
Ynot Studios
Siddharth, Amala Paul
Thaman S
Love Failure


What does Love Failure conclude for the rest of us?  That reaching a breaking point in a relationship is the best remedy for the malady of 'love failure'.  In this sense, the film is not a bit about 'love failure', which is definitely a misleading title.  If it is not about tragedy, what is it?  It is about that age-old problem of egos in a relationship, misunderstandings between a boy and a girl, break ups, patch ups, taking light-veined potshots at the girlfriends and boyfriends who are inept in a relationship and so forth.  In this levity rom-com, Siddharth keeps reminding us that nobody can express love and hatred so effectively as girls.  As if we don't know.

The film begins on a fresh note with Arun (Sid), a morose-looking chap, conversing with us about how it feels to be at the receiving end of a girlfriend's anger.  The one-year old affair has come to an abrupt end; he has begun speaking with himself; the people around him are consoling him, with some of them even advising him to take to booze to forget the bruise.  The world has merrily written off his love, saying that Parvathi (Amala Paul) is never going to see him again.  In the first half, it is Balaji Mohan's narration that keeps us engaged.  Even as Arun is trying hard to come to terms with the break-up, his confusion won't go; he doesn't understand what went wrong with his love.  In a scene that comes suddenly, Parvathi tells Arun that she can never be the same again with him, now that she has lost hope that he will keep her happy for the rest of life.

The film keeps the suspense alive as to why Parvathi decided to call it quits.  Meanwhile, you are entertained by a host of other stories.  The good news is that LF is perked up by many hilarious moments.  Some of the urbane elements in this movie we have never watched in Telugu movies.  Sans melodrama and heavy dose lines, the film dishes out a simple yet realistic story without making much fuss.  (Of course, if your affection for your girl/boy is spiritual, LF will have no point for you.)

Who does the film talk about?  This chic and smart film is a raft of slice-of-life sequences, holding mirror to the real characters around us who are somehow falling/raising in love.  It is all about how men and women enter into relationships deliberately/thoughtlessly , the routine differences which crop up between them, the excitements of a love affair, the anxieties of a just-in-love guy, the disappointments of a crest-fallen one who is outrageously called 'annayya' by his sweetheart, the suspicions, the everyday lows of a girl-boy association and so forth.

Well, the film is not just about fun and frolic; there is a story at the heroine's home.  Her parents are the verge of a permanent break-up and Parvathi is dejected.  The film juxtaposes the mature love story of Parvathi's parents with the other youthful stories. . Unlike many other rom-coms, which tend to assume a serious character in the later part, LF refuses to be regular.  The problems in hero's story are not the result of any different cause.  He is like any other guy who has his ego; his girlfriend is no less, and she can go to the extent of taking the trouble to a common friend.  Watch the film to get its feel.

LF qualifies to be called a 'small big film'.  Siddharth gives a very natural performance.  He looks utterly convincing as a college guy.  He talks to the audience, making us become a part of his thinking.  Despite having a star image, he fits the character as if it was written for him.  Amala Paul was very understated.  The unknown faces around Sid and Amala Paul emote very naturally.  We raise a toast to yesteryear actor Suresh (Parvathi's father), who gave a brilliant performance.

Thaman's music has that old-worldly charm.  Cinematography by Nirav Shah makes the frames look cute.

Sans all the gaudy elements of a regular romantic-comedy, LF will make you come out of the theatre with a smile on your face. 

Released on: 17th Feb, 2012

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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