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Maanikyan Music Review

Maanikyan Music Review
Jagathy, Kalabhavan Mani, Nandini, Pakru, Salim Kumar, Siddique
Haridas K K
Malayalam Movie Makers
Refreshing mix
Tuesday, September 13, 2005 • Malayalam Comments

Thej's music usually has a good flavor and fervor. He likes to mix it up well.He sure does that here too and comes up with a neat compilation of motley tunes and melodies.

The album is good, and the two numbers of Chitra and Sujatha are indeed refreshing

1) Sayam Sandyayil

The old master seems to be in good form. He has made a great career singing such songs. The range is well within K J Yesudoss's. These days he chooses safe numbers. This is one. The tune,slow and soft, is simple and good for late night listening. Lilting and almost like a lullaby.

2) Chik Chik

MG Sreekumar is usually exuberance personified. He however sings well within himself to a mixed instrumentation. The song is nothing to write home about because the tonal variations are limited. And the tune itself is not the most new in the world.

3) Navarathra Deepam

Almost Mohinattam time in the courtyard of a quaint temple as Chitra takes off in classic vein (close to Varali strain). The alluring percussion beats add pep to the number. Chitra is as sweet as just opened candy. A good number that stays with you for long.

4) Muttathe

Soft and flowing like a lazily rambling river in a remote village. The tune is redolent of long lost time in the after glow of a rainy dusk. Nikil sings with his heart and brings to the fore the right nuances and subtleties that a song of such style needs.

5) Janmangalai

Sujatha sings as if she has just swallowed ice and honey together --- full of comfortable cool and husky sweetness. The slow softness of this number accentuates her essential lily. Though there are no real surprises in tune, Sujatha carries it off majestically. Really nice!

6) Ponnarachu

Afsal belts out an absolute singer that is close to Chandigarh than to Calicut, so to say, in its robustness. But this is the kind of number that the new generation wants. Actually, the rhythms are quite interesting and inspiring.

All in all, a good mix that Thej can be proud of.