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Madamakki Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 20, 2016 • Kannada ]
Madamakki Review
Tanush, Nikitha Narayan, Saikumar, Tara
Vinay Preetham
Shivanna Dasanapura
Anoop Seelin

With scores of underworld laced subjects, it becomes tough for a new director to stitch a distinct angle. This is what exactly Vinay Preetham in his debut has done. He has not fallen back in his screenplay and especially in the end how he gives justice to all characters you would say Vaare Vaah!

Thanush in his second film investing hard earned money of his father Shivanna Dasanapura has come out with flying colors. The speed, clever handling, well executed by actors, two lovely tunes from Anoop Seelin and rain effect even for audience from cameraman Kiran Hampapura is simply glorious in this ‘Madamakki’.

Like the newcomers of Godi Banna….Karva and other Kannada films this youngster Vinay Preetham has a good fortune for his commitment and crisp handling of a film in just 109 minutes.

Sadhu (Thanush) ruled the underworld for 15 years in Mumbai. When his boss is gunned down by ATF chief Shanker (Saikumar) Sadhu with his friends decide to settle down in Dubai. Before that he wants to have a look at his mother Rathnamma (Thara) in Madamakki.

It is in this journey from Mumbai to Madamakki a lot of developments churn out with chilling end in the film. Shanker super cop with his task force are assigned to track Sadhu and gang. In the dense forest all converge but some sentiments change the fortune. Shanker and gang arrive at Rathnamma – Sadhu mother house before he arrives with his friends. They are not aware that Rathanamma who has treated a wounded cop of Shanker team is mother of Sadhu. When they check the house of Rathanamma the innocent mother says she is Rathnamma. The tough cops melt down completely. When Sadhu arrives at this spot, he looks at his mother but she does not recognize him. A stunning incident at this moment takes place that you have to watch it on silver screen.

It is Saikumar sterling performance and Thara’s emotional best performance takes the film to one standard. Nikita Narayan in lively and emotion filled role is very impressive.

The protagonist Thanush has picked right film for his caliber. Rajendra Karanth, Muni, Kari Subbu, young Vishal have all come out with admirable support.

Anoop Seelin has lent two melodies. One is for the heroine Nikita Narayan. The other one is montage song for situations in the film. The capture of splendid locations and rain effect in the film gives extra marks for cameraman Kiran Hampapura. For audience sitting in theatre, the feel comes as if they are part of rain.

‘Madamakki’ is a film to watch without fail.

Rating: 4.00 / 5.0

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