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Madurai Sambavam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, September 7, 2009 • Tamil ]
Madurai Sambavam Review
Harikumar, Anuya, Karthika
Suresh Balaje, George Pios
John Peter

Madurai is the toast of Tamil cinema. A host of action-packed movies are being made centered around the temple town. `Madurai Sambavam' is one more in the list which is about gang war, betrayal, revenge and of course some romance.

Seemingly a rehash of several mass masala entertainers, `Madurai Sambavam' is about an angry young man Kutty (played by choreographer actor Harikumar).

Debutant director Yureka, a lyricist too, has churned out the whole movie in and around Madurai. A group of men running with sickles, gun-totting men on revenge mode find place in the movie. After a long gap, one gets to see Radha Ravi playing an all-important role. As a don and a good-hearted influential men in Madurai, he impresses everyone.

Aalamaram (Radha Ravi) is dreaded by his enemies in Aattuthotti in Madurai. He involves in `katta panchayat' but strives to do his best for the people in the neighborhood. He is adored and respected by everyone there.

He is assisted by his son Kutty (Harikumar) and his son-in-law. There is Gomathi (Karthika), Kutty's niece who loves him madly. And there are local MP Cutout Ganesan (Kathal Dhandapani) and DIG (Raj Kapoor), both keen to bump off Aalamaram and Kutty.

Enters a women cop Caroline Thomas (Anuya). She assumes all powers and she succeeds in finishing Aalamaram. Meanwhile, Caroline meets Kutty and love blossoms between them. Eventually a sequence of events leads to an interesting climax.

Harikumar is apt for the role of a Madurai youth. His body language and diction deserves special mention. Anuya steals the show playing a tough cop. Her subtle expressions and emotions towards the climax deserve special mention. Karthika is adequate for the role. John Peter's music is racy while Sukumar captures Madurai and its neighborhood well.

All said, `Madurai Sambavam', has some loose ends. But forget the logic, you an enjoy this earthy entertainer.

Madurai Sambavam - Racy, touchy

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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