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Madurey Preview

Madurey Peview
Movie Magic
Vijay, Sonia Agarwal, Rakshita, Vadivelu, Tejashree, Seetha, Raj Kapoor and Illavarasu
R. Madhesh


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • தமிழ் Comments

"Out of the 36 films that I have acted this will be the best film" says Vijay about the forthcoming film Madhura. Vijay who usually underplays his role in the film and never makes any announcements about his film added "I am not saying that this has a story which has not come before in Tamil cinema. It's a different film for me. If you look at it all my films had action but it was linked to romance whereas here the film is totally action based". Vijay plays a vegetable vendor in a Madurai market. The entire happenings take place in this temple city. "To justify this title because it happens in Madurai and I am called Madhura the film was shot in and around the temple for a few days. We shot a fight sequence" said Vijay.

Director Madhesh who is making his debut with this film is bit tensed up. The film has been completed and is ready for release. Yet Madhesh wants to do some more work."It's enough I get a good name. I want my banner Movie Magic and my name as director to be kept up" says Madhesh. He has put in all ingredients possible. Sonia Agarwal who plays the female lead said that acting opposite Vijay was her dream come true. She said that the unit too made her feel comfortable despite the language handicap.

Rakshitha the oomph girl and Vijay took part in a song picturised in a special tinted glass dome sprayed with imported paint. The costumes were designed using the Poly pasting technique on the dress . The song was sung by Karthik and Syanara phillip (from Kerala) to the lyrics of Paa Vijay. Yet another song of Vijay- Tejasree was filmed in the street roads, churches, temples, market lanes and at a set erected in the studio. 2000 dancers took part in this song sung by Shankar Mahadevan to the lyrics of Kapilan. Action director Kannal Kannan using twenty 80 foot cranes hung Vijay upside down for a fight sequence.

Madhesh who comes from the Shankar school of film making filmed a song on Vijay - Sonia Agarwal for ten days in various parts of France. 311 shots were cranked out of which 274 shots were retained. 80 shots has computer graphics a record for Indian cinema. Cinematography by Saravanan and music by Vidyasagar the film has Vadivelu, Seetha, Rajkapur, Illavarasu among others in the cast.