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Maidaan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, April 10, 2024 • Telugu ]
Maidaan Review
Zee Studios, Bayview Projects, Fresh Lime Films
Ajay Devgn, Priyamani, Gajraj Rao
Amit Sharma
Boney Kapoor, Zee Studios

Maidaan Movie Review

Maidaan is a poignant chronicle of the remarkable journey of Indian football coach SA Rahim, revered as the visionary architect of Indian football. The film delves deep into his relentless pursuit of excellence, showcasing how he navigated through numerous hurdles, overcame daunting obstacles, and stood firm against staunch opposition to elevate Indian football to a position of honor on the global stage. Rahim's unwavering determination, strategic brilliance, and undying passion serve as a beacon of inspiration, resonating with audiences and reaffirming the indomitable spirit of human endeavor.


The Indian football team suffers a devastating 10-1 defeat against Hungary at the Helsinki Olympics, prompting the Indian Football Federation to seek an explanation from coach SA Rahim (Ajay Devgn). Rahim, confident in his abilities, requests the freedom to select his own team, promising to deliver results. He embarks on a nationwide quest to scout talent, assembling a formidable team representing the best of India's football prowess.

As the team prepares for the Asian Games, tensions escalate when Rahim clashes with a senior sports journalist, triggering a surge in Bengali pride and further complicating matters. Despite the team's commendable fourth-place finish at the Asian Games, Rahim is dismissed from his position, signaling a period of decline for Indian football.

Maidaan Movie Review

Meanwhile, Rahim grapples with personal turmoil and shocking developments, leading to sleepless nights and further challenges. The narrative delves into the repercussions of these events, exploring Rahim's resilience and determination to overcome adversity and restore glory to Indian football.


Ajay Devgn delivers a powerhouse performance, breathing life into his character with subtle yet impactful expressions, toning down his typically intense demeanor to portray a range of emotions—from anger and frustration to helplessness. His on-screen presence is commanding, and he effectively conveys his character's inner turmoil through intense expressions and nuanced body language.

Priyamani shines in her role as Ajay Devgn's wife, delivering a performance that is both convincing and heartfelt. Gajraj Rao impresses as the sports journalist, portraying his character's negative traits with convincing depth and bringing out the true nature of his role.

Maidaan Movie Review

Director Amit Sharma's Maidaan is a heartfelt tribute to Indian football's legendary coach SA Rahim and the players who brought glory to the nation. The film beautifully captures the essence of Rahim's struggle and determination, starting with the tumultuous state of Indian football and Rahim's efforts to turn the tide, only to be thwarted by vested interests.

While the film follows a familiar biopic template, with the first half focusing on the challenges faced by Indian football and Rahim's quest for solutions, and the second half delving into his personal struggles, Sharma manages to infuse the narrative with emotional depth and intensity, particularly during the climax and pre-climax sequences.

AR Rahman's music, while situational and emotive, fails to leave a lasting impact and occasionally disrupts the film's flow. However, his background score effectively enhances the film's emotional moments. The editing by Dev Raj Jadhav could have been tighter, as some scenes tend to drag, testing the patience of the audience.

Cinematographers Tushar Kanti Ray and Fyodor Lyass excel in capturing the essence of the 50s era, creating a visually appealing and authentic backdrop for the film. The realistic portrayal of locals and the intense depiction of football matches add depth to the storytelling. The CGI and VFX work, while adequate, could have been more polished in certain scenes.

Maidaan Movie Review

Overall, Maidaan boasts strong production values and a talented cast, making it a worthy tribute to a legendary coach and a captivating cinematic experience.


Maidaan, featuring Ajay Devgn, serves as a poignant tribute to the legendary Indian football coach SA Rahim. The film beautifully captures the essence of Rahim's legacy, evoking nostalgia as it showcases the Gold Medal-winning team members during the climax, adding a touch of sentimentality and pride.

However, despite its heartfelt homage and emotional resonance, Maidaan falls into the trap of predictability, following a familiar narrative path. With a slightly more refined script, the film could have soared to greater heights, offering a more nuanced and engaging storytelling experience. Nevertheless, "Maidaan" stands as a testament to Rahim's enduring impact on Indian football and is sure to strike a chord with audiences, especially those with a love for the game and its history.

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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