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Manchu Manoj resolves to fight for women, is with Pawan

Monday, April 23, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Manchu Manoj resolves to fight for women, is with Pawan

In an open letter, Manchu Manoj has said that he is all for the women's fight for justice in every field.  "People have asked me to react on the present situation in Tollywood, media and politics.  People have reached me through their tweets, messages, with some of them accusing me of running away from this situation. I am sure and positive that you all know I am not the running away types!" he begins to say.

"I personally almost know each one who is involved or has been dragged into this BS, be it heroes, producers, politicians or channel MDs and CEOs.  There is a couch in every industry, whether it be casting, corporate, political, media, banking, etc. Lust is one of the seven deadly sins and is universal across all industries.So blaming just the casting couch is not appropriate. Let us work together to eradicate this issue across all verticals," he says.

"Pawan Kalyan anna tweeted this morning about fighting for women in the industry and I am with him in this completely (but my fight for women won’t be just for industry alone).  One thing which is for sure is that we are one family (Cine Amma) and let bygones be bygones," he notes.

"It's better to stay calm as much as possible because this will settle soon and everything will be fine.. All that glitters is not Gold and All you see is also not true sometimes," he observes.

"I feel that the media could have handled this situation with a little bit more decency before making it nasty and uncomfortable for everyone. Our goal as an artist is to entertain our fans and give back to the society as we can. NOTHING else matters. And we all really work Hard for that.. Love you all," he concludes.